DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

Try something a bit new and different for displaying pumpkins in your home this year! DIY triangular pumpkin diorama is one such idea that’s fun, whimsical and genius!

What you will need

  • Plastic pumpkin (Michaels)
  • X-Acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Moss
  • Woodland creatures (I chose a deer and fox)
  • Optional: candles

Instead of having a more traditional circular or square opening try something a bit different. Go for a triangular shape (surprise) and simply take your pencil to sketch a rough outline. Then carefully cut the outline with your X-Acto knife until you could remove the entire piece from the pumpkin. Place the moss inside, covering the base of your pumpkin.  To keep it simple, place one candle and one woodland animal in each pumpkin. It’s really quite easy and quick to do!

The playfulness of this project is lovely! You can display it on a tray with some pretty foliage picked up from anywhere. This way, you can easily transport your entire piece without compromising it in any way. You can keep it on your buffet, or use it as a centerpiece for our dining room table! It’s great!

Go try it out yourself! Continue visiting us for many such fabulous ideas. What do you think of these fun pumpkin dioramas?

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