DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

This year, I really wanted to try something a bit new and different for displaying my pumpkins in our home this year! My favorite  idea by far are these fantastic dioramas, like this one! It’s so fun, whimsical and genius! 

DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

What you will need:

Plastic pumpkin (Michaels)

X-acto knife



Woodland creatures (I chose a deer and fox)

Optional: candles

DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

I decided instead of having a more traditional circular or square opening I would try something a bit different. I went for a triangular shape (surprise) and simply took my pencil to sketch a rough outline. I then carefully cut my outline with my X-acto knife until I could remove the entire piece from the pumpkin. I placed my moss inside, covering the base of my pumpkin. I decided to keep it simple and placed one candle and one woodland animal in each pumpkin. It was really quite easy and quick to do!

DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

I love the playfulness of this project! I decided to display it on a tray with some pretty foliage I picked up from Michaels as well. This way, I can easily transport my entire piece without compromising it in any way. I can keep it on our buffet, or use it as a center piece for our dining room table! It’s great! 

DIY Triangular Pumpkin Diorama

I am so pleased with this DIY and I’m happy I decided to try it out myself! Thanks to everyone out there for all the inspiration – there are so many fabulous ideas! What do you think of these fun pumpkin dioramas?

XOXO, Lidy 

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