DIY Brass Swing Lamp Tutorial

Want to update your old light fixture inexpensively? Take inspiration from this DIY Brass Swing Lamp Tutorial!

Last week my husband made me a gorgeous Brass Swing Lamp! I had a lot of requests for a how-to, so I made my hubby sit down and write a list of all the supplies (Item Numbers) you will need and what to do with them! This DIY requires some knowledge of electrical and specialized tools, so if you are unfamiliar with either of these, be sure to ask a friend (or husband) to give you a hand. I know you will love the end product!

DIY Brass Swing Lamp Tutorial

Complete part list found at (except part #4, which can be found at a local hardware store):

1. PIBR24-0×4

2. PIBP18

3. BUEFG30

4. Bracket from a hardware store (like this)

5. SO10045C

6. PIBR06-0×4

7. NECL2

8. NE440

9. NE474

10. SV230

11. WITWISTBL (8 feet)


13. PL3123B

14. CU578


Step 1: Start by bending part #1 and part #2 at 45 degrees a couple inches from one end of each. To do this, you will need a tube bender. You can use bending springs inside the tube to keep their round shape or fill them with water and freeze them (the same method used for making trumpets).

Step 2: Part #4 was a bracket I found at a hardware store. It is intended as a bracket for barring doors with a 2X4. This part needs to have 1/2″ holes drilled on each end for the 1/4 IPS pipe (part # 6) to go through. I spray painted mine black.

Step 3: Wire one end of the twisted cord (part # 11) to the porcelain socket (part #5), then start threading the other end of the cord through following parts in this order: 14, 10, 2, 7, 1, 9, and 6. Next, screw all the fittings together and extend the telescoping arm (part #2) all the way out so you know how far to position the switch (part # 12).

Step 4: Slide the bottom end of the lamp (part #6) through the mounting bracket (part #4) and screw in the bottom brass coupler (part #8). Now decide where you want your switch to be and wire it according to the diagram here.

Step 5: Wire the remaining end of the cord to the plug (part #13), screw in the light bulb,  and you”re ready to mount it. You may need to unscrew the bottom brass coupling (part #8) and slide the lamp out of the bracket to maneuver a screwdriver around.

If you have any questions at all in regards to this tutorial, be sure to leave a comment or shoot me an email! Good luck!!

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