Wood Plant Stand

Are you in search of a wood plant stand for your lovely plants? So you have arrived at the correct place. Follow the article below:

For months I’ve been swooning over this amazing plant stand from Modernica! Sadly, I just couldn’t spend that kind of cash at the time. We have so many things going on that we really need to save for! Like our big move in a few months – totally dreading all the packing. I feel like everyone has to go through this face of life where they need something but to invest in it seems too confusing. For overcoming such a situation I have planned something creative which you will encounter further soon.

My husband and I decided it would be a fun challenge to create an inspired wood plant stand and I am so happy with the end results! It’s exactly what I was hoping for, it’s the best suits with the plant pot. I am so happy that our budget didn’t keep us from having this great piece as part of our home decor!

I love the sleek and modern look, as well as the mid-century vibe it has! I decided to use an old crock as a planter, which seemed to suit it better than anything else I came across. It’s a stable little planter and stands that’s easy to move around, instantly making the room more fun!

This was such a fun project to watch come to life! I think sometimes you should try something different, just for the sake of testing your skills. It motivates you a lot and becomes the motivation for others as well. Sometimes it’s worth trying it out for yourself to save a bit of money, but still, enjoy all those beautiful designs for your home! Thank you Modernica for the inspiration!

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