12 Best DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters You Can Make

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space with these eye-grabbing DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters!

Display your flowers, plants, and herbs stylishly with these DIY Rectangular Indoor Planters. They are a great way to add greenery indoors easily and inexpensively.

Best Rectangular Indoor Planters

1. Easy Succulent Brick Planters

Rectangular Indoor Planters 1

These succulent brick planters are great as a festival or party tablescapes. Check out the idea here.

2. DIY Indoor Planter Box

Rectangular Indoor Planters 2

Give your dull kitchen wall a visually appealing focal point with this DIY planter box. Anyone with basic woodworking skills can assemble this wall-mounted rectangular planter.

3. Textured Rectangular Planter

Rectangular Indoor Planters 3

If you want a unique rectangular planter to display faux plants, watch this step-by-step tutorial.

4. Pretty Wooden Planter

Rectangular Indoor Planters 4

Made from scrap wood and leftover stain, this pretty wooden planter is a quick and easy project. You only need 20 minutes and $10 to complete this DIY.

5. DIY Concrete Planter Idea

Rectangular Indoor Planters 5

This video tutorial shows how to make a concrete planter using an old cabinet and casters.

6. DIY Planter on Wheels

Rectangular Indoor Planters 6

Equipped with wheels, this wooden planter lets you plant a variety of flowers and vegetables all in one place. Go through this tutorial for the building instructions.

7. Modern IKEA Succulent Planter

Rectangular Indoor Planters 7

This elegant succulent planter is made from an IKEA utensil tray and costs only $20. It can be used as a windowsill decor or a dining table centerpiece.

8. DIY Indoor Planter Box With IKEA Flower Box

Rectangular Indoor Planters 8

In this article, the DIYer combines an IKEA flower box with a handmade wood planter box. It’s an excellent addition to indoor and outdoor gardens.

9. Raised Planter Box Idea

Rectangular Indoor Planters 9

Add charm and a touch of greenery to your living room with this raised planter box. Get the details here.

10. Homemade Modern DIY Marble Planter

Homemade Modern DIY Marble Planter

Modern and minimalist, this inexpensive homemade planter is made from marble tiles. Hop to this article for more info.

11. DIY Cardboard Box Planter

DIY Cardboard Box Planter

If you love thrifty and resourceful DIYs, then this cardboard box planter is for you. Look at this video for the details.

12. DIY Indoor Hanging Planter Box

DIY Hanging Planter Box

This indoor hanging planter box is perfect for small succulents and baby plants that need extra sunshine. Get the list of supplies and instructions in this article.

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