Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs

Give your Easter eggs an interesting twist by turning them into Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs!

Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs 1

The months seem to just be flying by! Then again, I have three busy toddlers to keep me busy. But yes time flies very quickly just in a moment.  So before I know it, we’re already getting closer to another holiday! Can you believe Easter is only a few short weeks away?

Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs

I’ve already got a head start on decorating some eggs and this year I’m sticking to some clean black and white Scandinavian-inspired Easter eggs! I’ve been so incredibly inspired by these amazing designs. These designs are so trendy and ethnic that I am not able to stop myself to think about them. Even I am planning to create all of these on this holiday. And I knew I had to recreate them in some or the other way.

I simply decorated some eggs I picked up from the craft store using my sharpie. I created clean designs that felt both trendy and fun! It was so easy, it took me just a few minutes and I had a great little collection going on.

Nothing much is required to do so. As it seems that you only require an egg and a black colored pen to do so. Simply you have to draw the designs which you liked the most on an egg. But be cautious while working with them. And once you are done then keep all them together and see what you have designed on this special occasion for yourself.

Black and White Scandinavian-Inspired Easter Eggs 2

Can’t wait to do some more decorating with the kids. They love to do crafts as a family and I am honored to create alongside them! What kind of Easter eggs has caught your eye this year?

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