Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter

If you want to add something bright and cheery to your home decor, take a look at this colorful yarn tassel planter!

For Spring, I’m really craving some color. Normally, color is a little more subdued in our home. But this is the perfect excuse to have some fun where normally I might not be so brave! This Colorful Yarn Tassel planter is the perfect way to add something new for Spring! It’s one of the easiest and cheapest projects of mine that anyone can put together in minutes.
Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter 1

Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter

You’ll need

  • Yarn (in 4 complementary colors – I chose blue, coral, pale pink, and green)
  • Terracotta Planter
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Plant or Cactus

Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter 2

What to do

  1. Before you begin, cut about ten 10-inch strands of yarn in two bunches per three remaining colors (I used Coral, Blue, and Green). Set aside.
  2. Start with the first planter. Begin by dabbing a small drop of hot glue to the bottom of the planter and start wrapping yarn around your planter (I used the pale pink since it was the lightest, most neutral of the four colors).
  3. Work your way up about 2-3 inches and dab your hot glue to keep the yarn from slipping around.
  4. Loop the first two bunches of yarn to create your first tassels onto the single strand you are wrapping your planter with.
  5. Continue another 2-3 inches up and repeat until you have all your tassels attached to your planter!Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter 3

    This is definitely a very unique-looking, display-worthy adorable planter! It’s quirky and totally fun! I created a simple yarn plant holder using the same four colors to bring the two together. I love the burst of color and coziness they bring to my space!

    Colorful Yarn Tassel Planter 4

    It feels like a little Fiesta with the cacti and pops of color, don’t you think?

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