10 DIY Geometric Planter Ideas

Want some quirky yet trendy planters to display your green specimens indoors? End your quest with these DIY Geometric Planter Ideas!

Rather than opting for plastic and terracotta pots, showcase plants in these geometric-shaped ones and refresh your home and office decor. They are perfect for adding contemporary flair indoors.

DIY Geometric Planter Ideas

1. DIY Geometric Brass Pipe Light Bulb Planter

DIY Geometric Planter 1

There is no need to buy an expensive geometric planter when you can assemble a quirky one at home with this tutorial. You only need some brass/copper tubes, nylon string, a pipe cutter, and a glass bulb.

2. DIY Copper Himmeli Hanging Planter

DIY Geometric Planter 2

Display your favorite green specimens in style on this geometric copper hanging planter. It’s easy to make and quite affordable, too.

3. Plywood Geometric Planter Idea

DIY Geometric Planter 3

Showcase your DIY skills and creativity by assembling these geometric planters out of 3mm plywood. Get the complete list of supplies and step-by-step instructions in this post.

4. Under $5 Geometric Planter

Easy Geometric Planter Ideas

Want to build a unique planter but can’t spend more than $5 on a DIY project? This inexpensive geometric-shaped one fits the bill.

5. DIY Geometric Concrete Planters

Easy Geometric Planter Ideas 2

Grab concrete mix, bucket, water, cardboard, scissors, tape, and plant to make sturdy concrete planters. These will last longer than the regular pots.

6. Wire Sculptures Turned Geometric Succulent Planters

Easy Geometric Planter Ideas 3

Learn how to transform dull wire sculptures into modern, geometric succulent planters in this tutorial. It’s an easy project, even for beginner DIYers and gardeners.

7. DIY Hexagon Planter

DIY Hexagon Planter

Made from inexpensive lumber, this hexagon planter is a conversation-starting piece for any home and office setting. Find out the building instructions in this article.

8. DIY Colorful Wooden Geometric Planters

DIY Colorful Wooden Geometric Planter

These colorful geometric wooden planters are great options for gifting purposes. You can customize their appearance with your favorite color combinations.

9. Dual Toned Hexagonal Planter

Dual Toned Scrap Wood Hexagonal Planter

Make your succulent appearance more eye-grabbing with this dual-toned hexagonal planter. It’s made from scrap wood, paint, and a few other supplies.

10. DIY Hanging Faux Copper Air Planter

Hanging Faux Copper Air Planter

These gorgeous faux copper air planters are made from used plastic straws. Yes, you read that right! Isn’t it interesting!

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