8 Creative DIY Jeans Planter Ideas

Give your living space a conversation-worthy feature by taking inspiration from these creative DIY Jeans Planter Ideas!

Instead of disposing of your old jeans, turn them into peculiar planters with these fantastic ideas. They are pretty easy to make, even for beginner DIYers.

DIY Jeans Planter Ideas

1. Denim Jeans Planter for Balcony

DIY Jeans Planter Ideas 1

Learn how to upcycle old denim jeans into quirky planters with this tutorial. They not only spice up a balcony’s appearance but also double up as a privacy screen.

2. Kneeled Down Jeans Planter Idea

DIY Jeans Planter Ideas 2

Watch this video tutorial to build a kneeled-down jeans planter. It’s an outstanding way to display flowering specimens on your balcony, porch, living room, or terrace.

3. DIY Hanging Jeans Planters

DIY Jeans Planter Ideas 3

Transform your old pair of jeans into impressive hanging plant holders with cement and this visual tutorial. It’s a time-consuming project due to the concrete curing process, but the end result is worth every second.

4. Jeans Succulent Planter

Stunning Jeans Planter

To recreate this quirky jeans planter, you only want some newspapers, old jeans, rubber bands, and a potted succulent. It will look great on your porch, living area, balcony, or patio.

5. DIY Denim Jeans Flower Planter

Stunning Jeans Planter 2

Adorned with a bow and vibrant flowering plants, this upcycled denim jeans planter is an absolute eye-catcher. Make one now using this detailed tutorial.

6. Repurposed Jeans Vertical Herb Garden Planters

Repurposed Jeans Into Indoor Herb Garden Planters

Like ornamental plants, herbs deserve chic planters, too. Make a vintage-themed one for your parsley and basil with a piece of wood, jeans, and this repurposing idea.

7. DIY Denim Planters

DIY Denim Planters

In this article, the crafter makes gorgeous mini planters out of denim jeans and tin cans. They are ideal gifts for gardening enthusiasts.

8. Standing Denim Jeans Planter Idea

DIY Denim Planters 2

Want a quirky garden feature to make your property stand out in the block? Look no further than this awesome denim jeans planter. Plus, this project is a great way to show off your creativity and repurposing skills.

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