12 DIY Mobile Garden Ideas

Create your little green oasis in less-spacious apartments with these DIY Mobile Garden Ideas! They are easy to make and affordable, too!

Want to grow fresh herbs or display flowering specimens but don’t have a yard? Check out these space-saving garden ideas. Their mobile nature will help you protect the plants from harsh weather conditions and even transport them indoors during winter.

DIY Mobile Garden Ideas

1. Movable Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Mobile Garden 1

A 4″ PVC pipe, a bunch of 4″ caps, and jute rope are all you need to make this movable hanging herb garden. It’s a great option for homes with less spacious gardens.

2. DIY Mobile Carport Garden

DIY Mobile Garden 2

If you live in a second-floor apartment without a balcony, this instructable will show you how to create a mini mobile garden in the carport.

3. Raised Mobile Container Garden

DIY Mobile Garden 3

Learn how to assemble a mobile container garden with a wooden pallet, reclaimed shutters, and casters. It lets you move the plants from direct sunlight to a shaded spot quite easily.

4. Movable Raised Planter Box with a Trellis

DIY Mobile Garden 4

Equipped with casters, this raised planter box supports vining plants and acts as a privacy screen, too. It can be quickly built in a day or so with minimal woodworking skills.

5. DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

Small Mobile Garden Ideas

Watch this visual tutorial to make a rustic wheelbarrow planter using wood and basic tools. It will be a perfect accent piece for gardens and backyards.

6. Mobile Veggie Garden

Small Mobile Garden Ideas

Build this large mobile veggie garden to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh vegetables all year round. Find the detailed instructions and list of supplies in this article.

7. DIY Mobile Vertical Raised Garden

Small Mobile Garden Ideas

Do you have some old wine storage containers? Stack them on top of each other to create a conversation-worthy vertical garden. The best part is that it has wheels for easy mobility.

8. Bicycle Window Box Idea

Small Mobile Garden Ideas

An old bicycle with a window box for herbs is an excellent mobile garden idea. You only need a saw, hammer, drill, and an old pallet to complete this project.

9. Shopping Car Turned Mobile Garden

Shopping Car Turned Portable Garden

With burlap, potting soil, and an assortment of flowering specimens, you can transform an old shopping cart into a movable mini garden.

10. Vintage Baby Carriage Planter

Beautiful and Easy Baby Carriage Planter

Does your front porch or patio feel boring and incomplete? If so, this vintage baby carriage planter will add some personality and character to the space.

11. Galvanized Metal Trash Can Mobile Planter

Mobile Galvanized Metal Trash Can Planter

Take some galvanized metal trash cans, equip them with casters, and your affordable mobile garden is ready to display flowering plants. Learn more about this idea in this article.

12. DIY Wheel Barrel Planter Box

DIY Wheel Barrel Planter Box

To create this quirky mobile planter box, combine a wheelbarrow frame and half a wine barrel using screws. Watch this video tutorial for the remaining information.

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