12 DIY Wood Succulent Planter Ideas

Want to show off your green specimens in unique ways? Then consider checking out these DIY Wood Succulent Planter Ideas!

If you want a unique planter to showcase your succulents instead of plain old terracotta pots, these wooden ones are the best choice. They are easy to build and make the succulents more lively, too.

DIY Wood Succulent Planter Ideas

1. Cheap Wooden Succulent Planter

DIY Wood Succulent Planter 1

Made from cedar wood, this succulent planter is the perfect addition to any dark, rustic kitchen table. Check out this article for the list of supplies and detailed instructions.

2. DIY Scrap Wood Succulent Planter

If you have leftover wood scraps from previous woodworking projects, turn them into a lovely succulent planter using this tutorial. It’s stained, but you can paint your version with a different colors.

3. Rotted Tree Succulent Planter

DIY Wood Succulent Planter 3

Made from rotted tree trump, this succulent planter is an excellent highlighting feature for the patio and backyard. It’s easy to make with a few supplies and a bit of DIYing skills.

4. Wooden Pallet Succulent Planter

Beautiful Wood Succulent Planter Ideas

Turn a plain old wooden pallet into a conversation-worthy succulent planter using this easy tutorial. This project is the best way to showcase your woodworking skills and creativity.

5. Mini Geometric Wooden Succulent Planters

Beautiful Wood Succulent Planter Ideas

Boost the visual interest of your home decor with these mini geometric succulent planters. They will be a great addition to a coffee table, nightstand, fireplace mantel, or end table.

6. Mini Treasure Chest Succulent Planter Gift

Beautiful Wood Succulent Planter Ideas

Don’t know what to gift your plant enthusiast friend on his/her birthday? This mini treasure chest succulent planter is the perfect option. Make one using this tutorial.

7. DIY Wood Log Succulent Planter

DIY Wood Log Succulent Planter

Make your patio or porch table decor one-of-a-kind by making this centerpiece-worthy wood log planter. It will go quite well with any kind of decor style.

8. DIY Tree Branch Succulent Planter

DIY Tree Branch Succulent Planter

Instead of burning the fallen tree branches, turn them into chic planters to display your favorite succulents. Anyone with basic woodworking skills can complete this project.

9. Vertical Cactus-Shaped Succulent Planter

Vertical Cactus-Shaped Succulent Planter

This cactus-shaped hanging wooden planter is a creative way to showcase your foliar specimens. It’s a time-consuming project, but the end result is worth every penny.

10. Wall-Hanging Box Succulent Planter Idea

Wall-Hanging Succulent Planter Idea

Follow this post to build a planter box, perfect for displaying succulents on the wall or as a centerpiece on the table. It’s easy to assemble and quite affordable, too.

11. Hanging Driftwood Succulent Planter

Hanging Driftwood Succulent Planter

Give your outdoor space beachy vibes by hanging this driftwood succulent planter. It can be added inside a spacious balcony or living room. Read the details in this article.

12. Wooden Salad Bowl Succulent Planter

Did you know a wooden salad bowl can be an excellent planter for succulents? If not, read this article and learn how to get a unique planter inexpensively.

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