12 Home Remedies for Scabies | Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Scabies

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Scabies? We have all the information with some super Home Remedies for Scabies!

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Scabies is an itchy rash that is a result of the body’s allergic reaction to the mites, their eggs, and waste. Female mites secrete proteolytic enzymes, allowing them to enter the epidermal layer of skin. Learn some helpful Home Remedies for Scabies and Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Scabies to recover from this painful condition asap!

Scabies is highly contagious and can spread very quickly from person to person. It can also be spread by sharing clothing, bedding, and furniture infested with mites.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Scabies?

Although hydrogen peroxide is an excellent antiseptic, there is no claim or research that answers—Does Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Mites? Many articles on the internet describe its effectiveness and usage, but it’s better you see a certified doctor, go through a diagnosis, and get treatment. Because if you experiment with chemicals on your skin, it can worsen the condition.

However, if you are wondering, does peroxide kill skin parasites? Yes, it does. Here‘s a study that proves the efficacy of hydrogen peroxide in controlling parasitic infestations on Hatchery Reared Fish.

Effective Home Remedies For Scabies

1. Neem Paste

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Take 20-25 neem leaves and grind them to make a thick paste; add a pinch of turmeric powder and apply the paste to the infected area daily after cleaning with plain water.

The active elements in neem are potent against scabies mites, while its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties reduce the redness and soothe the itchy skin. So applying this neem paste is one of the most effective home remedies for scabies, you must look up to.

2. Drumstick Juice

Drumstick Juice

Crush a few drumsticks to make a fine paste and strain out its juice. Now add an equal amount of sesame oil and apply it to the infection. Let it sit for 30-40 minutes, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Drumstick is loaded with powerful antibacterial properties that kill the mites and creates a cooling sensation in the affected area. Drumstick is a vital Ayurvedic herb and one of the most potent home remedies for scabies.

3. Tea Tree Oil

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Add 5-10 drops of tea tree essential oil to half a cup of water. Transfer the whole solution to a spray bottle and spritz on the affected spot. You can also use this scabies home remedy on your infected person’s bed, clothing, and personal hygiene products, to prevent it from spreading further.

The antibacterial, acaricidal, and antipruritic properties of tea tree make it one of the most potent home remedies for scabies.

4. Turmeric


Crush about 2 inches of turmeric root into a smooth paste and apply the ayurvedic ointment on the infection. Wash off with lukewarm water after 30 minutes. Use this scabies home remedy 2-3 times daily for faster relief.

However, turmeric is not beneficial in killing the larvae or the mites in the skin, but its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties will relieve redness and itching.

5. Clove Oil

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Mix 5-10 drops of clove oil with water and apply it on the infected area with cotton balls.

Studies prove the efficacy of clove oil against scabies mites, while its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties eliminate redness, itchiness, and inflammation.

6. Aloe Vera

Use fresh aloe vera gel as one of the best home remedies for scabies. Cut a few leaves, wash them thoroughly, scrape off fresh gel and apply it on the affected spot.

Aloe vera is scientifically proven against scabies. You can also add a few drops of peppermint or clove essential oil to multiply its effectiveness.

7. Baking Soda Bath

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Baking soda bath can be an effective scabies home remedy, however, it is more of an hygienic measure that scabies-infected patients must follow.

Apply an ice pack on the infected area and wash it with baking soda infused water. Alternatively, you can also apply a baking soda paste on the infection to kill the eggs underneath the epidermis.

8. Bleach

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You can use bleach as one of the protective home remedies for scabies. As bleach is a harsh chemical, it is toxic when it comes in contact to eyes, mouth or nose.

Washing the clothes, bedding, towel of the infected person with bleach water will prevent the infection from spreading to other family members. You can also disinfect the frequently used objects and areas with bleach for healthy sanitization.

9. Cayenne Pepper

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Studies show the effectiveness of topical application of capsaicin cream to treat chronic tissue pain caused by scabies.

Applying cayenne pepper on the infected spot will soothe the redness and reduce inflammation. However, do a patch test before direct application.

10. Vacuuming


Vacuuming is one of the most important home remedies for scabies as it removes the pesky mites from mattress and other items used by the infected people.

11. Washing Clothes with Hot Water

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Washing clothes with hot water will kill the scabies mites and prevent the infection from spreading to other family members. You can also add bleach, borax or baking soda to for a stronger remedy.

Apart from a scabies home remedy, it is a hygienic measure that must be adopted for any skin infection.

12. Vinegar

The high pH of vinegar is potent in eliminating mites and destroying the larvae present in the epidermis. You can make the most of this scabies home remedy by soaking the infected portion in vinegar for 5-10 minutes and washing off with lukewarm water.


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  1. I have used peroxide because I ran out of 91% alcohol. Peroxide bubbled every where the white heads and black heads were. The black heads went away with a couple of sprayings. The white heads got fat with other smaller ones surfacing the top layer. After satiation about 15 minutes I believe that the scabies got uncomfortable and was vacating. They itched really bad. I felt them moving. I had additional marks from them coming to the surface. You could tell after I showered that it was little round holes where they went in the first place. The scabs were round and clustered. I didn’t itch for the evening and the day. I was glad that I used it and it did kill them and made them go elsewhere so I spayed my bed and floor

  2. Dear Pamela! What was the concentration of hydrogen peroxide? I have the same problem caused by scabies, but I can not kill them even with ivermectin and permethrin. I want to probe peroxide. So, write an answer for me, please! Thanks! Cecilia


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