7 Flowers That Look Like Baby’s Breath

Have you ever heard about Flowers That Look Like Baby’s Breath? If not, get ready to fall in love with these doppelgangers!

If you love the delicate look of Baby’s Breath, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some flowers that look similar to this species. Read on to learn more about these beautiful specimens.

Flowers That Look Like Baby’s Breath

1. Greek Oregano

Flowers that Look Like Baby's Breath 1

Botanical Name – Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum

A novice gardener might confuse Greek oregano with baby’s breath due to their similar clusters of tiny white flowers. This herb needs full sunlight and a well-drained potting mix to offer lush blooms in summer.

2. Broom

Flowers that Look Like Baby's Breath 2

Botanical Name – Genista monosperma

Broom and baby’s breath flowers can leave you scratching your head due to their sheer similarities. Both of them are white, odorous, soft in texture, and appear in clusters.

3. Flowering Spurge

Flowers That Look Like Baby's Breath 3

Botanical Name – Euphorbia corollata

Native to Southeast Canada and the Eastern U.S.A., this herbaceous perennial looks identical to baby’s breath with its 4-5 petaled flowers. They attract bees and other pollinators.

4. Queen Anne’s LaceFlowers That Look Like Baby's Breath 4

Botanical Name – Ammi majus

Next on the list of flowers that look like baby’s breath is Queen Anne’s lace due to its densely packed white blooms. These blossoms are great for cut flower arrangements because of their 10-day vase life.

5. Cow Parsley

Flowers That Look Like Baby's Breath 5

Botanical Name – Anthriscus sylvestris

With umbels of white blooms, cow parsley could be mistaken by gardeners for baby’s breath. However, its blooms (1.5 to 3 cm) are small compared to the baby’s breath’s 7-14 cm long flowers.

6. Greater Burnet

Greater Burnet

Botanical Name – Pimpinella major ‘Rosea’

Like a baby’s breath, the greater burnet displays attractive pink-colored flowers in summer. This flowering plant is a common sight in meadows, open woodlands, grasslands, and wild gardens.

7. Common YarrowCommon Yarrow

Botanical Name – Achillea millefolium

Yarrow is an herbaceous perennial with long-lasting tiny white flowers, thus an ideal alternative to the baby’s breath. However, its blooms are poisonous to humans, dogs, and cats.

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