Macrame Makeover

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching too many episodes of Mad Men or what, but I’m just loving everything 60s right now! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect macrame wall hanging for months now and just haven’t any luck! Then, my amazing hubby returned back from Canada with this thrifted goodness! I. Am. In. Love. I decided to give this vintage piece a modern touch with an easy fix!

What you need

  • Macrame (vintage or DIY)
  • Copper Pipe in the length you need
  • Copper Caps
  • Copper Wire

What to do

  1. Gather your supplies
  2. Clean your copper well so that you don’t get any residue on your beautiful piece
  3. Slide through your macrame loops
  4. Put your caps on at either end
  5. Center your macrame piece
  6. Take your copper wire and create a little loop
  7. Place at the center of your copper pipe and secure
  8. Hang and enjoy!

The copper is a great update to this vintage piece! It really compliments the color of the macrame. It also creates fabulous contrast to the fibrous texture!

I am beyond thrilled that we came across this piece, it is everything I’ve been looking for. My husband just knows me too well! And wouldn’t you know it, I happened to come across another macrame piece a few days later at the thrift store! Do you like this Macrame trend?

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