5 Mushrooms That Look Like Ears

Do you know about Mushrooms That Look Like Ears? Well, here are some quirky ones that will amaze you for sure!

Mushrooms that look like ears are a visual delight for those fascinated by the quirky marvels of Mother Nature. They’re not just a feast for the eyes but also beneficial for the environment and human beings.

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Mushrooms That Look Like Ears

1. Wood Ear Mushroom

Mushrooms that Look Like Ears 1
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Botanical Name – Auricularia auricula-judae

The wood ear mushroom has a gelatinous, ear-like fruiting body that grows on rotted wood. It’s a well-known edible fungus that has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for many centuries.

2. Apricot Jelly Mushroom

Mushrooms That Look Like Ears 2

Botanical Name – Guepinia helvelloides

Apricot jelly mushroom mimics the appearance of an ear with its curved cap and ear canal-shaped stipe. This 2-4″ tall fungus is a common sight in bottomland forests, swamps, wet prairies, coniferous forests, and lowlands.

3. Rabbit Ears

Mushrooms That Look Like Ears 3
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Botanical Name – Otidea leporina

This quirky mushroom draws attention with its hobbit or rabbit ear-shaped fruiting body that can become 7 cm tall and 4 cm across. It was named by the German botanist ‘Karl Wilhelm Gottlieb Leopold Fuckel’ in the year 1870.

4. Jelly Ear Mushroom

Jelly Ear Mushroom

Botanical Name – Auricularia americana

Jelly ear fungus features an irregularly ribbed and veined, ear-shaped fruiting body in shades of olive-brown, red-brown, or blackish-brown. This mushroom is slightly hairy and rubbery to gelatinous.

5. Flabby Crepidotus

Flabby Crepidotus

Botanical Name – Crepidotus mollis

Flabby crepidotus mushroom has a semicircular cap that looks identical to the outer ear (pinna) when seen from a certain angle. Its cap is 2-6 cm across and brownish with white edges. However, for some, it may look like a fan and kidney in appearance.

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