40 Awesome Plants That Start With F

Indoor or outdoor, this list of Plants that Start with F has something for every green thumb. Start exploring now!

From Fennel to Freesias, this comprehensive list of Plants That Start With the Letter F brings you the best options for your garden. Learn more about each species in this well-curated article.

Plants That Start With F

1. Fennel

Plants That Start With F 1

Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare

Fennel is a flavorful evergreen, herbaceous perennial boasting feathery foliage and yellow blooms with mild anise or licorice flavor. This herb can reach up to a height of 3 to 5 feet.

2. Forget-Me-Not

Plants That Start With F 2

Botanical Name: Myosotis spp.

Forget-Me-Not is a short plant with dainty small blue flowers. This flowering plant loves well-drained soil and full sun or partial shade. It’s an excellent inclusion in a list of Plants that Start with F.

3. Foxglove

Plants That Start With F 3

Botanical Name: Digitalis purpurea

Foxglove is a striking biennial plant that produces tubular, bell-shaped flowers. Though beautiful, it’s essential to note that the plant is toxic and must be handled carefully.

4. Feverfew

Plants That Start With F 4

Botanical Name: Tanacetum parthenium

Feverfew is a medicinal herb known for its white daisy-like flowers. It’s traditionally used for treating headaches and migraines.

5. Foamflower

Plants That Start With F 5

Botanical Name: Tiarella cordifolia

Foamflower is a woodland perennial that creates beautiful mats of heart-shaped foliage and produces feathery white or pink blooms. It’s often used as a ground cover.

6. Fairy Lily

Plants That Start With F 6

Botanical Name: Zephyranthes spp.

Fairy Lily is a delicate and charming flowering bulb that blooms in late summer. It’s known for its graceful appearance and comes in shades of pink and white.

7. Fanflower

Plants That Start With F 7

Botanical Name: Scaevola aemula

Fan flower is an attractive perennial with fan-shaped blue or purple flowers. Ideal for hanging baskets, it fits perfectly among Plants that Start with F.

8. Flax Lily

Plants That Start With F 8

Botanical Name: Dianella spp.

Flax Lily is an ornamental perennial popular for its grass-like leaves and small, blue or purple flowers. It’s excellent as a border plant.

9. Fleabane

Plants That Start With F 9

Botanical Name: Erigeron spp.

Fleabane is a large genus of several species of herbs with daisy-like flowers in shades of pink, lavender, or white. It’s a versatile and lovely member of Plants that Start with F.

10. Fringed Bleeding Heart

Plants That Start With F 10

Botanical Name: Dicentra eximia

Fringed bleeding heart is a beautiful perennial with heart-shaped pink or white flowers. The unique shape of its blooms makes this plant a garden favorite.

11. Fireweed

Plants That Start With F 11

Botanical Name: Chamaenerion angustifolium

Fireweed is a striking perennial wildflower producing tall spikes of pinkish-purple blooms. It grows in areas recently affected by fire, hence the name.

12. False Sunflower

Plants That Start With F 12

Botanical Name: Heliopsis helianthoides

False sunflower is a robust perennial with bright yellow, sunflower-like blossoms. It’s a cheerful addition to any garden or yard.

13. Fernleaf Lavender

Plants That Start With F 13

Botanical Name: Lavandula multifida

Fernleaf Lavender is a type of Lavender known for its finely cut, fern-like foliage. Gardeners and plant enthusiasts admire its highly fragrant blue-purple flowers.

14. Freesia

Plants That Start With F 14

Botanical Name: Freesia spp.

Freesias are bulbous perennials famous for their sweet fragrance and colorful trumpet-shaped flowers. They are commonly used in floral arrangements and are worth mentioning when discussing Plants that Start with F.

15. Four O’Clock
Plants That Start With F 15

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa

Amp up the wow factor of your outdoor space with the vibrant trumpet-shaped flowers of four O’clock. Its blooms open in the late afternoon, hence the name.

16. Fairy Wings

Plants That Start With F 16

Botanical Name: Epimedium spp.

Fairy Wings is a perennial ground cover popular for its delicate, heart-shaped foliage and subtle flowers. It’s a popular choice for shaded areas of the garden.

17. Frost Aster

Plants That Start With F 17

Botanical Name: Symphyotrichum pilosum

Frost aster is a perennial herb with dainty, white blooms. It blooms in the late summer and autumn and is found in meadows or along the roadside.

18. Fan Palm

Plants That Start With F 18

Botanical Name: Washingtonia spp.

Fan palm is a palm variety with a fan-shaped leafage. Though it resembles a tree, it’s considered a shrub or a perennial.

19. Field Mustard

Plants That Start With F 19

Botanical Name: Brassica rapa

Field Mustard is an annual plant featuring bright yellow flowers. It grows in wild meadows and is part of the same family as cabbage and turnips. Its bright colors make it an eye-catching choice among the plants that start with F.

20. False Indigo
Plants That Start With F 20

Botanical Name: Baptisia spp.

False indigo is a hardy perennial that offers striking spikes of blue or white flowers. This native American botanical specimen is a famous ornamental plant in many gardens.

21. Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass

Botanical Name: Pennisetum spp.

Native to tropical and warm temperate regions, fountain grass is an ornamental grass with arching stems and feathery flower plumes. It adds charm and texture to garden landscapes.

22. Firecracker Plant

Firecracker Plant

Botanical Name: Russelia equisetiformis

The firecracker plant is a perennial shrub with bright red, tubular flowers that resemble firecrackers. It’s an excellent choice for attracting hummingbirds to the garden.

23. Fan Columbine

Fan Columbine

Botanical Name: Aquilegia flabellata

Fan Columbine is a flowering plant with intricate, fan-like leaves and delicate blue, purple, or white flowers.

24. False Garlic

False Garlic

Botanical Name: Nothoscordum bivalve

False Garlic is a perennial that produces small, white, bell-shaped flowers. Though it resembles garlic, it does not have the same pungent odor.

25. Fuchsia


Botanical Name: Fuchsia spp.

Fuchsia is a renowned ornamental shrub with striking pendulous colorful flowers. This flowering plant is ideal for hanging baskets and garden borders.

26. Feather Reed Grass

Feather Reed Grass

Botanical Name: Calamagrostis x acutiflora

Feather reed grass is an elegant ornamental grass appreciated for its vertical lines and feathery flower plumes. It’s a low-maintenance addition to any outdoor space.

27. Fringeflower


Botanical Name: Loropetalum chinense

The fringe flower is an evergreen shrub that offers spider-like, fragrant blooms. Often used for hedging, this plant adds visual interest to the garden with its unique appearance.

28. Frogfruit


Botanical Name: Phyla nodiflora

Frogfruit is a creeping perennial often used as ground cover. It produces small white or pinkish flowers and is an attractive choice for butterfly gardens.

29. False Dragonhead

False Dragonhead

Botanical Name: Physostegia virginiana

False Dragonhead is a perennial plant featuring spikes of pink or white flowers. The name comes from its ability to remain in position when moved.

30. Fairy Duster

Fairy Duster

Botanical Name: Calliandra eriophylla

Highlighted by soft, feathery flowers that resemble a dusting brush, the fairy duster is a lovely addition to xeriscapes and desert gardens. It’s another great candidate for your collection of Plants that Start with F.

31. Finger Millet

Finger Millet

Botanical Name: Eleusine coracana

Finger millet is an annual cereal crop. It’s valued for its grain, rich in nutrients, and used to make traditional dishes in various cultures.

32. False Nettle

False Nettle

Botanical Name: Boehmeria cylindrica

False nettle is a perennial plant found in moist, wooded areas. Unlike true nettles, it doesn’t sting and produces small, greenish-white flowers.

33. Fan Aloe

Fan Aloe

Botanical Name: Aloe plicatilis

Fan Aloe is a succulent, boasting a unique fan-like arrangement of leaves. It produces orange-red flowers and is often cultivated as an ornamental plant.

34. Fairy Spuds

Fairy Spuds

Botanical Name: Claytonia virginica

Fairy Spuds, or Spring Beauty, is a woodland perennial that produces delicate pink or white flowers. It typically grows in moist, shaded areas.

35. Fat Hen

Fat Hen

Botanical Name: Chenopodium album

The fat hen is another lovely addition to the list of Plants that Start with F. This annual plant is frequently labeled as a weed. Its nutritious leaves are used in some culinary practices.

36. Fire Thorn

Fire Thorn

Botanical Name: Pyracantha coccinea

Fire Thorn is an evergreen shrub with bright red or orange berries and thorny branches. It makes an excellent hedge and provides food for wildlife.

37. Flaming Katy

Flaming Katy

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Flaming Katy is a striking addition to the list of house plants that start with F, featuring vibrant, long-lasting flowers. Available in red, orange, and pink shades, this flowering plant is a sight to behold.

38. Frostweed


Botanical Name: Verbesina virginica

This perennial plant is native to the southeastern United States and thrives in swamps and marshes. It produces lance-shaped leaves and clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers that attract pollinators.

39. Flamingo Flower

Flamingo Flower

Botanical Name: Anthurium spp.

Flamingo flower is a tropical perennial with bright, heart-shaped flowers. The glossy red, pink, or white flowers make it a favorite indoor plant.

40. Feather Moss

Feather Moss

Botanical Name: Ptilium crista-castrensis

Feather moss is a type of moss known for its feathery appearance. It grows in dense carpets in cool, shaded areas and adds texture to the garden landscape. Feather moss is another noteworthy member of Plants that Start with F.

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