Black Triangular Wall Hearts

It’s almost that time of the year – Valentine’s Day! You either take it or leave it, but over the years I’ve grown quite fond over this holiday! I’ve been blessed by many loves in my life – including my incredible husband and three amazing kids! I thought I would start sharing some fun and modern ways you can get your home prepped for this lovely little holiday!

What you will need

  • Black Vinyl
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
  • Pencil

What to do

Start sketching out different sizes of triangles on the backside of your vinyl – small, medium and large. Take your scissors or X-acto knife and cut them out. Begin playing with the designs on the wall! Vinyl comes off easily, so if you don’t like the placement of one triangle, no problem! Just peel it off and play around some more! In the end, have fun – hearts don’t have to always be so traditional!

I love the idea of a modern black and white Valentine’s! I am currently obsessed with this clean and simple look, so I though it would only be appropriate this year. Geometric designs are still very popular in the design world, so having an abstract, triangular heart will make your home look trendy and fabulous! It won’t look too obvious that it’s Valentine’s decor either!

I know I ask every year, but what are your thoughts on this holiday?! Be sure to come back and check out some other fun modern ideas I’m working on for this little holiday – coming soon!

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