Today, I was in a mood to create something fun for our home and for the kids half birthday coming up. I found some cheap wrapping paper in the 1$ bin at Target. There were SO many things that went with our camping theme, so I stocked up as much as possible. There, I found some wood patterned wrapping paper and decided to use it as more than it’s intended purpose!

I have some fake candles in our house from way back when. It’s nice, since the kids can’t burn themselves and I don’t have to worry if I forget to turn them off (I’m one of those people who always forgets to blow the candles out before leaving the house). I decided to create my own faux wood candles using the wrapping paper and fake candles. This way, the paper won’t melt or burn (it’s pretty cheap).

What you will need

  • Wood patterned wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper
  • Candles
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

What you will need to do

Measure the length and circumference of the candle. Use your pencil to draw marks so you know where to cut. Take your scissors and carefully cut out your piece. I decided to not cover the whole candle and leave some of it exposed. I scalloped the edges with special scissors to give it a different look. It’s obvious they don’t look like real wood, so I thought I might as well have fun with it. With your mod podge, paint a small stroke onto the candle and carefully place the paper over your mod podge. Continue to wrap your paper around the candle, glueing as you go until the paper has completely covered the candle. Repeat.

This project was really easy and the candles turned out great. This is just a fun alternative if you want to get a little creative with your home decor. I think these will work great for our party in November. Until then, I will use them as part of our fall decor!

What do you think about this technique? Would you create your own faux wood candles?

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