Last week I popped into Sherwin-Williams to grab some paint samples for our master bedroom makeover and I might have grabbed just a few extra paint chips for a fun little Christmas project!! 


  • Paint Chips (or any colored paper will do)
  • Hot glue gun or tape


If you are using colored paper, simply cut house shapes ahead of time. Otherwise, fold at different lengths to create your little village. Hot glue (or tape) a few together to create solid pieces. Arrange and display! It’s SO easy and totally cute, right?!

Last year, we created a Scandinavian Christmas Village, which we are using again this year in our dining room. But I thought it would be kind of fun to create another modern village for our living space this year to change things up by adding just a bit of black, white, grey and light pink. And I love it!

Add some fun little wood trees to give it a bit of texture and depth – hope you enjoy!

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