Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is almost nearing and I’m getting super excited! Every year, I try to make at least one handmade ornament to add that personal touch to our tree. This year, I wanted to try something a little more bold and modern. I stuck with very clean and simple colors: black, white and pops of metallics (mostly gold and silver). 

Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments

These Scandinavian inspired Christmas tree ornaments take 5 minutes to make – they are so easy! 


Black leather


Hot glue gun

Ornament hooks

Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments


Gather what you need. Begin by cutting triangles with your scissors until you have the amount of trees you are looking for. I did quite a few so I could evenly disperse them on our tree. Hot glue three triangles together to create a tree. Hold the triangles firmly together while the hot glue is cooling so there is good contact! Otherwise, the hot glue will peel off quite easily. Take your scissors and make a slight cut in the top triangle for your hook to go through, then hang to enjoy! 

Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Tree Ornaments

I love the graphic element it adds to our tree! It feels very minimal and I love it – it’s quite refreshing to be honest! These would make great little gifts for family and friends. I also have a few other plans for these little guys, so stay tuned! 

XOXO, Lidy

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