DIY Spring Felt Flowers

With some creativity and a few supplies lying around in my home, I DIY super adorable Spring Felt Flowers! Read on to learn more!

As I was cleaning out my closet in the nursery today, I came across some old felt flowers I did for a DIY last year. Originally, the flowers were meant for a wreath I wanted to recreate but never ended up doing! Instead, I made some hair accessories, but now I am repurposing these DIY Spring Felt Flowers!

It’s spring, and one of my favorite things to see is all the beautiful flowers springing up everywhere! I am a huge fan of fresh flowers, but I had another idea! Why not make a pretty felt bouquet that will last just a little longer and add a fun element to our dining room!

DIY Spring Felt Flowers

Since the flowers had pins already fastened to the back from my previous DIY, I simply hooked them on some branches I gathered from our yard and placed them in a vintage glass jar. I put some rocks at the bottom to help the branches stand nice and straight. It also added a fun look. That’s it, it took less than 5 minutes, and now I have a fun little felt bouquet sitting on my hutch!

If you want, you can even clip one of the flowers to a headband (I used some vintage lace) or even pin it to your blouse to give yourself a cute little look for the day! These flowers are so versatile, so have fun with this DIY!

I hope you enjoyed this easy and super inexpensive crafty DIY! What do you think about this felt flowers and bouquet craft? I would love to see some other fun stuff you come up with, so feel free to share!

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