DIY Retro-Inspired Peace Banner

Wanted to learn how to create a handmade DIY Retro-Inspired Peace Banner? Read this informative article to know more!

Creating a banner for your home is the most simple way to add holiday decor! No matter how you create your DIY Retro-Inspired Peace Banner, it’s always going to look cute – in other words, it’s hard to mess it up!

DIY Retro-Inspired Peace Banner 1

DIY Retro-Inspired Peace Banner

I decided to create a retro-inspired “peace on earth” banner! We scored this amazing globe at a flea market and it’s been gracing our presence ever since! I’ve seen other DIYs like this one, so I decided to keep my letters without the center cut-outs. This creates a very abstract look while keeping that retro vibe I’m hoping for!

All you will need to accomplish the task is some scrap paper, scissors, twine, and tape! Trace out your letters and carefully cut each one out. Take your twine and tape the letters securely, while leaving them evenly spaced out. Tie your banner to your item (in this case, a globe) and you’re done with it!

DIY Retro-Inspired Peace Banner 2

I am in love with the use of globes and maps in our home decor! I am on the lookout for a vintage pull-down map to put over our bed, but good ones are hard to find (my husband and I have wanted one for some time). And I also wanted to highlight an amazing incident in my life. We found an amazing 40s world map from at a yard sale months ago – perhaps I can create a faux-pull down map using that? Hmm?

Okay, that was my perception towards globes and maps in home decor . I wanted to know about the readers. How do you feel about globes and maps as part of your decor? How do you tie it in with each holiday, if at all?

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