Borax for Carpenter Ants | How to Kill Carpenter Ants With Borax

A pack of borax is all you need to fight against the pesky ants. Learn how to use Borax for Carpenter Ants and some prevention tips!

Are you looking for a cheap and chemical-free alternative to get rid of ants? Then learn how to use Borax For the Carpenter Ants below.

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What Are Carpenter Ants?Borax for Carpenter Ants1

Carpenter ants are 1/4-1/2 inches long and are black in appearance. Opposite to the termites, they don’t eat wood but chew it to create tunnels and nests. Carpenter ants get their title because of their wood-destroying behavior. They mostly make their nests in the damp wooden structures found around sinks, bathtubs, poorly sealed windows/ door frames, roof leaks, and poorly flashed chimneys. Damp wood logs outside the house are also a good place for their nests.

What Attracts Carpenter Ants in a Home?

Protein sources, maple syrup, juices, sugar, honey, meat, decayed fruits, and pet food attracts carpenter ants toward your home. If they find a dead insect inside your house, then a swarm of carpenter ants is likely. Having damp wooden structures inside the residence invites carpenter ants to create their nests.

Are Carpenter Ants Bad?

Among the various ant species, carpenter ants are the notorious ones. They cause havoc on wooden items to make their nests. Like other wood-destroying pests, carpenter ants jeopardize the integrity of the structures they inhabit. They mostly attract to wet or damaged wood materials. Carpenter ants attack windows, doorframes, and crawlspaces underneath roofs, chimneys, sinks, and jacuzzis. If left untreated, carpenter ants can do irreparable damage to your home.

Signs of Carpenter Ants InfestationBorax for Carpenter Ants2

Spotting the below signs in and around the house indicates the presence of a carpenter ants infestation.

  • Heaps of sawdust are located below the baseboards, door jams, window sills, and any other rotting wooden structure.
  • Rustling sounds come from hollow doors, walls, or inside the wooden parts of the building.
  • Winged carpenter ants popping out from the walls, ceilings, cracks, and holes.
  • Long trails of large black and red ants in your lawn or yard.
  • Presence of shed wings near the baseboard, window sills, and ventilators.

Borax for Carpenter Ants

Borax is a white powdery substance popular for its astounding cleaning power. Besides, it kills roaches, mites, spiders, algae, molds, fungi, and plants. You will feel a sigh of relief by learning the fact that borax eliminates carpenter ants too. However, borax shows its effectiveness only after the ants ingest it.

How to Kill Carpenter Ants With Borax?Borax for carpenter ants 3

As borax does not entice carpenter ants alone, you must add something sweet to complete the bait, such as maple syrup, sugar, or peanut butter. While sweet stuff will allure the ants to the bait, the borax in the mix will kill them. Check out the below borax recipe to kill carpenter ants.


  • 1/2 Cup of Maple Syrup
  • 2 Tbsps of Borax
  • Lukewarm Water: 1 Cup
  • Cotton Balls
  • A Bowl
  • Spoon
  • Mason Jar with Lid


  1. Add maple syrup, borax, and lukewarm water to the bowl and mix them well.
  2. Next, soak a few cotton balls in this mixture for a few seconds.
  3. Put the cotton balls near carpenter ants’ trails, entryways, and potential hangouts.
  4. After consuming the poisonous bait, carpenter ants will die within 1-2 days.
  5. Repeat this method until you see no signs of ants infestation.

If you have pets and children, then follow the below method instead:

  • Grab a mason jar and poke a few tiny holes in its lid.
  • Put the soaked cotton balls inside the jar, secure it with the lid, and place it near the carpenter ants trail.
  • This method protects your kids and pets from the accidental ingestion of borax.

How Does Borax Kill Ants?

Borax is a desiccant, meaning it dehydrates the ant’s body and disrupts the stomach following its ingestion. When carpenter ants eat the borax, it causes havoc to their stomach and body, leading to a slow death.

How Long Does Borax Take to Kill Ants?

Borax for carpenter ants 4
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The all-natural borax powder takes 1-2 days to kill carpenter ants. In the meantime, ants help you to eliminate their colony as well by bringing the bait to their nest.


Do follow the below safety precautions properly to avoid any mishaps while practicing the above hack.

  • Before dealing with borax, put on a face mask and hand gloves first.
  • Guide your pets, kids, and elderly to stay far away from the treated area.
  • After using the borax bait, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • In case of severe carpenter ants infestation, please seek the advice of an expert professional.

How to Prevent Carpenter Ants?How to Prevent Ants?

After eliminating the infamous carpenter ants from your home, it’s necessary to prevent them before they ever find a way into your home. Below are some prevention tips that will help you out.

  • Repair damaged spigots or leaky hoses.
  • As carpenter ants prefer to attack rotting wood, consider using dehumidifiers in the basement, crawl spaces, and attics.
  • Repair any holes, cracks, and other potential entryways with silicone caulk to inhibit their entrance.
  • Store the firewood and other wood material at least 20 feet away from the foundation walls.
  • Install window screens and door sweeps to block their entrance.
  • Store food in airtight sealed containers in the kitchen.
  • Wipe your kitchen counters regularly to remove food crumbs.
  • Empty trash cans on a daily basis.
  • Clean your pet food utensil regularly.

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