DIY Glittered Antlers

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas with family and friends! Even though Christmas is over, I’m so thankful it’s still winter. I love any excuse to be cozy and comfy a little while longer!

I whipped up a really fun and easy DIY that’s perfect for winter or any season really! I love having antlers as part of my decor. They are so intriguing in there own little way, but add glitter and they are even more fabulous! And you know how much I love glitter lately!

I had some antlers I bought a while back – we have a few in our home so I was brave enough to finally try out this little project. I took some simple clear glue and used a paint brush to evenly coat the ends of each point with the glue. I immediately covered the glue with a mixture of fine  gold glitter and confetti. I like the little bits of confetti here and there to create a more whimsical tone! If you are brave, you can use any color of glitter or pattern. I used gold and kept it simple. You can easily make a fun ombre pattern or even a great color block style. I may try to paint them next time I get the chance!

This DIY takes no time at all and is so simple to do. How much better can it get – antlers + glitter = awesomeness! What do you think?

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