DIY Spring Wall Flowers

Spice up the look and feel of your drab living space walls by DIY some Spring Wall Flowers! Read on to know more!

A while ago, I was picking up a few things from Michaels. As I was in line, I caught sight of some adorable-looking cupcake liners in the $1 bin. They were super pretty floral patterns I thought would be great for Spring/Easter! I decided to grab a couple of colors to make some fun DIY Spring Wall Flowers instead! I put a few up on my daughter’s wall, they are so playful and lovely.

DIY Spring Wall Flowers 1

DIY Spring Wall Flowers

What you will need

  • Cupcake liners (two colors)
  • Crepe paper (optional for the center)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Take your first cupcake liner and flatten it out a bit. Take your second cupcake liner and flip it inside out. Hot glue the second cupcake liner to the front of the first. You should begin to see your “flower” form. Cut a piece of crepe paper into a long rectangle. Fold lengthwise. Cut tiny slits and roll to form the central part of the flower. Hot glue crepe paper into the center of the cupcake liner flower. You can simply tape the flowers to the wall or whatever surface you desire!

This project is super easy and the supplies are super cheap as well! It didn’t take me that much time at all, which is why these would be great for parties or weddings! They look fabulous grouped together and you wouldn’t have to spend hours achieving a pretty look for your event.

These look so adorable in our little girl’s room! I also added a few in our room as well, it’s added a nice feminine touch to a rather industrial-looking room. What do you think about these simple wallflowers?

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