Yarn Wrapped Branch Shelf

Inspiration can come from anywhere! Literally. During one of our family walks, I spotted a branch lying on the road. At first I thought it looked an awful lot like antlers. It was my original intended DIY, but sadly my husband tried to throw it out a few times and one of the branches snapped off. Sad. Still, I knew it would be great for some fun and odd project around here!

I decided to wrap yarn around the branch in a few areas, while leaving some of  it’s natural elements to show through. Instead of converting this branch into faux antlers, I went with another idea instead: a yarn wrapped branch shelf! I had some prints hanging around. They are smaller in size and rather rare shapes, so it’s difficult to find frames to fit perfectly. I thought this would be perfect for something shelf-like and display them on the wall in a playful way!

I simply chose three colors of yarn and started to wrap areas of the branch. Using wire, I created some hooks and hot glued them to the back of my branch. The branch is rather light, as well as the pictures, so it wasn’t necessary to use any heavy duty hooks to hank on the wall. I played around with how to hang the branch, I wanted it to be as flat as possible so my pictures would sit against the wall nicely. Once I figured out what worked best, I placed the nails in the wall and hung my new branch shelf!

I love these prints sitting there so contently on the branch. The black and white print as well as the fun paper flower are a couple fabulous pieces I brought home from Alt Summit SF! It’s the perfect way to show them off! This is one of those DIYs that you can have a lot of fun with. Finding natural elements and bringing them to life is a great challenge! I love to keep my home whimsical – it fits perfectly with our vintage and modern mixed decor!

If this is something you might try at home, play with different  widths of branches! It all depends what you want to display or if you want to have it as it’s own artful piece on the wall! What do you think?

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