DIY Shelf Accents

First thing, I promise this will be my last post about contact paper! But it’s sure given me a lot of use for only $2! Today I’m sharing a fun way to enhance a rather boring shelf unit you may have on the wall. I purchased these Ikea shelves a few years ago. They are practical and useful, considering we have no shelving anywhere in our living room.

DIY Shelf Accents

Ever since we painted our living room walls white, the shelves no longer pop. Rather, they blend in and become sought of invisible. Our fun decor is now kind of floating in mid-air and so I wanted to figure out a way we could enhance the living room area without having to spend more money and time on new shelvings.

Using my contact paper, I accented the shelves by creating a fun backdrop. I decided to have the wood patterned paper ascend upward to really draw the eye across the shelving. I simply measured the length of both shelves and the height between the two shelves. I cut down from the upper left corner to the bottom right of the other (and the opposite for the bottom shelf). This created a triangular shape, rather than just a boring large rectangular background. Now, the decor pops from the background and you are more likely to notice our fun little vintage finds and DIY pieces more than before.

I love the look this small area of the room now has! It goes perfectly without mid-century pieces and really brings that retro vibe out. I love the white with that touch of brown and how it still works well with all the black and white accents. This was a cheap and easy fix and I am pleased with the finished look of these shelf accents!

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