Dip Dyed Holiday Garland


One project I love to recreate again and again for the holiday’s is a good garland! Garland’s are one of those additions that instantly make the space fun and seasonal! There are a million materials you can use and styles you can go with!

I decided to put a vintage book to use this week (one of the many copies of reader’s digest)! I pulled out a few pages and thought it would be fun to give them a new look. I put some black dye in a cup with a little water to dilute it a bit. I filled the cup to maybe a 1/4 full. I then rolled my papers and placed them into the water so only a bit of the pages would become colored. I let them sit there for a few minutes to let the color settle in a bit. I rolled the cup around a little so the color would run unevenly over the pages. This will give each piece of paper a unique design. I carefully pulled them all out, separated them and let them dry completely.

Once the pages were completely dry, I punched small holes in the top center of each page and pulled a piece of string through them. Then, just hang it up and enjoy! It’s such a straight forward technique, but I love the end product. The pages are so fluffy and the dip dyed ends bring out so much depth and texture! I think this will look great with the rest of my black, white and gold Christmas decor this year!

I think a bunch of these strung across a wall or ceiling could create a beautiful effect! I might make a few more in varying lengths and layer them above one another to see what it looks like! It’s just too fun!

What do you think?!

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