Christmas Wood Light Up Sign


My favorite part of the season is when we get to enjoy the coziness and warmth it brings! As soon as the sun sets, I have the Christmas tree lights and mantel lights all aglow! I instantly feel like I need to make some hot cocoa, turn on my favorite holiday tunes and enjoy this happy time of year!

My husband made a great Christmas wood light up sign to sit on our dining room hutch! It’s sentimental to him, since it signifies his Swedish roots. “God Jul” means Merry Christmas in Swedish and now it lights up  nice and bright for all to see!

What you will need

  • Plywood
  • Drill
  • Printed out font of “God Jul”  (or another merry message)


What to do

Simply cut your plywood in the size you would like, depending on where you plan on hanging or sitting it. Temporarily tape your printed font on the wood and drill holes freely along each letter of the word. The more holes, the more the sign will light up! Remove the printed font. Simply set your sign in front of twinkly lights and your sign will come alive! You could also push your lights through the holes and tape it securely behind, but we kind of like it a subtle glow! Now enjoy!!

Our hutch really pops now and I feel happy to have a part of my husband’s heritage as part of our decor! It’s feeling very festive in our home now, how about you?!

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