Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath

Looking for a fun alternative this holiday season to add to your home decor? How about a metallic geo holiday wreath!

Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath

Metallic holiday decor is a great way to follow the latest trend and have a little fun this Christmas! I’ve long been inspired by the Dwell Studio’s Wired Wreath, so I decided to create my own Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath based on geometric shapes!

Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath 2

Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath

Check out the below tutorial to make a beautiful metallic geo holiday wreath.

What you will need

  • Pipe Cleaners in gold and black
  • Black Ribbon

Start by making diamond shapes from your gold pipe cleaners. You will need 10 pipe cleaners per diamond. You can simply follow the same instructions from this DIY, but by twisting each pipe cleaner together. Once you have a good amount of geometric shapes, start creating a wreath by twisting each shape together using extra pipe cleaners. It’s kind of like a puzzle, finding which ones fit together nicely in order to create the shape you are looking for. It’s not going to be a perfect circle, but that’s what makes it so fun! When your wreath is all complete, create the bow by connecting two triangles from your black pipe cleaner and a third to connect together. Attach it to your wreath and you’re done!

Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath 3

It’s a nice touch for the holidays, adding just enough sparkle to your wall! It’s also perfect for New Years – and if you’re brave, all year long! You could also tame it down a bit by making the wreath black and the bow gold. A little more subtle if you aren’t the flashy type!

Metallic Geo Holiday Wreath 4

Stay tuned, on Monday I have one more fabulous wreath idea for you that I know you’re going to love! Till then, continue your support by visiting my blogs. Happy crafting friends!

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