Swiss Cross Painted Heart

Are you itching to paint something? Make this fabulous swiss cross painted heart! You can gift this modern Valentine’s DIY to your loved ones.


What you will need

  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • White canvas

What to do

  1. First, you have to collect your supplies all in one place.
  2. Pour your paint in a disposable container.
  3. Dip the tip of your paintbrush in the paint and make sure you have enough for a few strokes on the canvas.
  4. Make five vertical lines in the center, followed by 5 horizontal lines. This should help with the spacing a bit if you do your vertical lines first (although we ran into some spacing issues, it doesn’t have to be perfect). Re-dip your paintbrush as needed. Work your way outward by making 5 more, then 4, then 2. Be sure to refer to the photos to help guide you a bit more. Let it dry completely and then hang to enjoy!

Though it seems quite easy to work upon. But for performing any task be it on the professional side or in the personal sphere, one must require the willingness to perform that particular task. So according to my perception, one must at least cultivate a liking or a positive mindset during and while doing a task.

This is an excellent alternative for those of you who aren’t necessarily crazy about this holiday! It’s something that you don’t have to take down right away, and the best thing about this decor is that you don’t have to invest time on thinking that where and with what it will go as it would easily go with any decor! You could also choose to use some other fun colors if you aren’t a crazy fan of black!

What do you think of a more modern take on Valentine’s day? Do you love the black and white trend for your home this year?

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