DIY Leather Coasters

Learn how to make cheap yet premium-looking coasters by taking help from this simple article on DIY leather coasters!

If there is one thing that mostly goes missing in houses, it’s your coasters! Sometimes we put our coffee on the strangest thing to protect the surface of our tables. Sometimes it’s your laptop, a magazine, and on and on. It’s about time you made some extra ones which you’ll find a little edgier than other ordinary coasters!

DIY Leather Coasters

Making extra Leather coasters is the best way to protect your table. The most interesting thing is that it is so handy thing that you should definitely explore once. I think you will have fun and yes definitely will be worth your time investment. For this, you have to follow the below mentioned procedure:

What you will need

  • Scissors
  • Leather
  • Fabric Marker

What has to do

1. First you have to gather all your supplies in one place.

2. Cut the edges carefully straight.

3. Create your pattern on the leather using your fabric marker. You can make it oval, sphere, or of any shape which you like the most. We have made a simple square shape.

4. You can choose to do as many as you want, but I wanted enough for at least five coasters.

5. Measure out the shape you want and cut. As you can see we made simple squares.

6. Simply use and enjoy!

It’s super easy! You’ll love using leather that adds that touch of texture to your decor. If you have scrap leather laying around that’s of no use even better. It’ll be a perfect marriage! These coasters are both stylish and useful! Now, think about what else can you make.

I find this very easy and quick to do DIY. What do you think of this simple and quick-to-do DIY project?

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