Creative Ways to Decorate Your Space With River Rocks

Take inspiration from these unique and creative ways to decorate your space with river rocks for a beautiful and refreshing visual!

1. Whsical Faux CactusDecorate Your Space With River Rocks1

Make this real-looking, whimsical decorative faux cactus straight out of the river rocks. It doesn’t prick, and the best part, you can keep it alive forever even if you’re a black thumb in planting.

2. DIY River Rock Lamp

Give a natural accent to your space with this handcrafted cheap and cheerful DIY river rock lamp that looks quite attractive.

3. Indoor/Outdoor River Rocks Fountain

Built from river rocks, concrete, fountain pump, and foam board, no artificial fountain can stand against the natural beauty and simplicity of this serene river rocks fountain.

4. Creative Earthy River Rock Candle Holders

These lovely river rock candle holders are perfect decoratives to spice up your indoor and outdoor space, plus they give you a sense of relaxation.

5. DIY River Rock CandleDIY River Rock Candle

Bring a bit of nature indoors by making this wonderful, earthy-looking river rock candle that’ll quickly become a conversation piece among your family. Take inspiration from this DIY.

6. Pebble Jewelry HangersPebble Jewelry Hangers

Beautify your walls with these decorative and functional pebbles jewelry hangers that require some river rocks and double-sided mounting tape.

7. Dressed Up Welcome MatDecorate Your Space With River Rocks2

Welcome your guests and neighbors with this unique mat, which is made up of river rocks, a rubber mat, and contact glue. Instead of placing it in the bathroom, you can use them to create a nautical decor in your living room.

8. Chalk Painted StonesChalk Painted Stones

Either lay a couple of chalk painted stones on a table or place them inside a picture frame, they look absolutely adorable as a centerpiece for a coffee table.

9. Gold Rock Candle CenterpiecesGold Rock Candle Centerpieces

Looks sparkly and luscious, these gold painted river rocks candle centerpieces will bring a little glam to your monotonous dining decor.

10. Group of River RocksDecorate Your Space With River Rocks3

This instructable is all about making a cute and innocent group of river rocks that looks really nice and adds a bit of character to the garden.

11. DIY Black Pebble TrivetsDIY Black Pebble Trivets

Made with a little cork trivet, a few black pebbles, and epoxy glue, these quirky black pebble trivets are best for decorative, utilitarian, and gifting purposes.

12. Pebble Shower FloorPebble Shower Floor

If you want a new refreshing look for your bathroom, try out this low-cost pebble shower floor idea. This is one of the most creative ways to decorate your space with river rocks.

13. Succulents River Rock TerrariumDecorate Your Space With River Rocks4

Arrange sand, potting mix, black pebbles, and succulents in a container to create a homemade mini garden for indoors. Make one with this DIY to beautify your space.

14. DIY River Stone PlanterDIY River Stone Planter

Prettify your indoor/outdoor space with this DIY river stone planter that can be an amazing gift, a fun craft, or just a beautiful decorative item.

15. Stone Bath MatStone Bath Mat

This stone bath mat is not only a great way to incorporate nature into your bathroom but also lets the excess water drain off quickly.

16. River Rocks as Cabinet KnobsDecorate Your Space With River Rocks5

Giver your cabinet a funky and unique touch by converting the river rocks into functional knobs. Learn more details here.

17. DIY Pebble Garden BallDIY Pebble Garden Ball

Spruce your garden decor with this wonderful pebble garden ball. This multi-colored and textured go-to yard accessory will look lovely around planters.

18. Unique Stone HeartUnique Stone Heart

Grab heavy-gauge wire, colorful pebbles, a chain, and garden wire to bring alive this super economical and decorative unique stone heart.

19. Decorative Boho PebblesDecorate Your Space With River Rocks6

If you are in love with everything bohemian, give a shot to these ornamental boho pebbles that are great to brighten up your table decor.

20. Garden Stone Kitchen BacksplashGarden Stone Kitchen Backsplash

Make your kitchen the focal point of your home by embellishing its wall with river stones backsplash that seems quite marvelous.

21. DIY River Rocks Flameless Fire PitDIY River Rocks Flameless Fire Pit

Surrounded by river rocks, this super cute flameless fire pit turns your home into a cozy little winter wonderland and might as well give a boost to your kid’s winter time camping fantasy.

22. Adorable Stone FootprintDecorate Your Space With River Rocks7

Prettify your space with these inanimate objects that seem alive with emotion and personality. Simply place five tiny stones and a larger one in a footprint pattern, it can be a great baby shower decor.

23. Garden MarkersGarden Markers

Painted to look like veggies, river rocks garden markers are great to label or decorate your indoor and outdoor plants.

24. Painted Ladybug RocksPainted Ladybug Rocks

Create a couple of adorable ladybugs painted rocks that complement your flower beds and look surreal too. Get help from this super easy DIY.

25. Tadpoles Tic Tac ToeDecorate Your Space With River Rocks8

Works perfect as a table centerpiece, this tadpoles tic tac toe made up of river rocks is also a great game for kids and adults alike.

26. River RockĀ Caterpillar River RockĀ Caterpillar

Add a little fun and creativity to your windowsill, garden, and tabletops with this kids-loving river rock caterpillar craft. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your munchkins.

27. Stone BirdhouseStone Birdhouse

Get your craftiness to a whole new level by making this functional yet decorative stone birdhouse that recalls a medieval look and lasts outdoors for years to come.

28. DIY River Rock Picture Frame

You can literally decorate anything with river rocks to give your entire decor a rustic appeal like this picture frame.

29. Riverbed Coffee Table

Deck up your living room with this riverbed coffee table that would be the perfect accent piece. This is a time-consuming project, but the outcome is very satisfactory.

30. Stone SconcesDecorate Your Space With River Rocks9

Got bored with your monotonous sconces? Hang these cheap and eye-catchy river rocks sconces on the bathroom wall instead.

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