40 Pantry Organization Ideas | How to Organize Pantry

Instead of using streamlining organizational and storage solutions, browse these inspiring pantry organization ideas to prevent chaos in the kitchen!

Organizing a pantry is not a cumbersome task if you have the right ideas to start with. Take inspiration from the below pantry organization ideas that not only multiply the storage space but also let you create inventories quickly by giving you a clear view of what stuff is present in the pantry.

Pantry Organization Ideas

1. Place Seasonal Items Up High

Pantry Organization Ideas1

Store season supplies on the top shelving. That way, your pantry is organized, and the everyday essentials are easy to reach. Besides, you can replace the seasonal supplies without disturbing the other items.

2. Use Pull-Out Drawers

Use Pull-Out Drawers

If you have empty space under the shelves, install pull-out wire drawers. It enhances storage capacity and helps you organize pantry items more effectively as well.

3. Introduce Clear Containers

Introduce Clear Containers

Storing the eatables in transparent glass jars lets you find stuff easily and makes the pantry organization more efficient. If you don’t have clear glass jars, you can label the jars to have a quick grab on the ingredients.

4. Best Use of Pantry Door

Pantry Organization Ideas2

Installing shelves or small storage bins behind the pantry door enables you to organize spices, oils, and often-used condiments more systematically.

5. Chalkboard Paint for Customizable Labels

Chalkboard Paint for Customizable Labels

After installing shelves on the back of the pantry door, use chalkboard paint behind the shelves as customized labels to make the supplies easily identifiable.

6. Organize a Small Pantry Closet

Organize a Small Pantry Closet

If you have a small pantry closet, use white storage containers of different sizes to stack up kitchen supplies in order. Read more here.

7. Create a Mini Pantry

Pantry Organization Ideas3

People who don’t have a pantry can still arrange their beverages, foods, and utensils systematically by creating this mini-open pantry. This is one of the best pantry organization ideas.

8. Pantry with Custom Shelving

Pantry with Custom Shelving

Organizing food and cleaning stuff in a 3 feet x 4 feet small pantry is a bit challenging task. Solve this issue by revamping the space with custom-built shelving that lets you arrange the items properly.

9. Label Everything

Label Everything

Adorn your glass jars with these hand-lettered labels that not only look beautiful but also make every foodstuff easily recognizable even from a distance. You can use a paint pen for labeling as well.

10. DIY Can Organizer for Pantry

Pantry Organization Ideas4

Arranging canned goods is quite overwhelming, especially when you’ve dozens of them. DIY this simple can organizer that stores them neatly and lets you track each one of them.

11. Upcycle Storage You Already Have

Upcycle Storage You Already Have

Take advantage of old wire magazine boxes to organize vegetables like onions and potatoes inside the pantry. Plus, this trick maximizes storage space as well.

12. Lazy Susan Turntable

Lazy Susan Turntable

Avoid misplacing oils, sauces, and other seasonings in pantry corners using turntables that bring items from the back to the front with their smooth rotation.

13. Try a Pegboard

Pantry Organization Ideas5

Make the most out of your pantry’s empty wall by attaching a pegboard to organize aprons, oven mitts, pans, pots, and other utensils for quick and easy access.

14. DIY Pull Out Pantry

DIY Pull Out Pantry

If you’re in dire need of a second pantry or want a pantry for a tiny kitchen, all you need is this pull-out pantry that can be installed in the space beside your refrigerator.

15. Pantry Organization Ideas on a Budget

Pantry Organization on a Budget

Instead of purchasing pricey food storage containers, grab diaper boxes, glass jars, can dispensers, baskets, and bins to keep your pantry organized on a budget. Details are here.

16. Best Use of Wicker Baskets

Pantry Organization Ideas6

Keep your pantry space organized and clean by storing food supplies in wicker baskets that are sturdy and beautiful to look at.

17. Clear Caddy for Packets

Clear Caddy for Packets

Eatables like candies, packets of chips, and drink mix always create a mess in the pantry. Organize them in a better way by hanging a few caddies on the pantry wall.

18. Wire Baskets for Cans

Wire Baskets for Cans

Another can organizing idea in which you can use cheap wire bins to group your canned foods as per their date of expiry.

19. Binder Clips and Command Hooks

Pantry Organization Ideas7

Arrange spice, dip, and sauce packets in the pantry by fixing command hooks on the pantry wall and hang binder clips from them to stack up all your packs for easy and quick access.

20. Custom Pull-Out Drawers

Custom Pull-Out Drawers

Revamp your compact pantry space with custom pull-out drawers that let you see what supplies are already available in the pantry, thereby stops the wastage of money and time.

21. DIY Wine Rack

DIY Wine Rack

Only a wine lover knows how much it’s difficult to organize their bottles in the pantry without making a mess and consuming too much space. Create this DIY wine rack to solve this issue.

22. Grab a Shoe Organizer

Pantry Organization Ideas8

Sometimes it’s hard to find jars of spices and sprinkles from the piles of kitchen supplies. Tackle this issue by hanging a shoe organizer behind the pantry door to store the jars.

23. Double Up the Duties of Cake Stands

Double Up the Duties of Cake Stands

When you’re not working with cake stands, use them as two-tiered storage in the pantry to organize items like ramekins and sauce dishes on their top and below.

24. Sort by Category

Sort by Category

Sorting kitchen supplies by category not only assist you in finding any stuff instantly but also limits the wastage of cooking supplies as well. Use labels and baskets for the categorization. This is one of the best pantry organization ideas on this list.

25. Build a Snack Station

Pantry Organization Ideas9

If your pantry lacks enough space for chip racks, build a snack station vertically between the little space of shelves and the pantry door using curtain hooks, glue, finger joint trim, and this DIY.

26. Hang Snacks

Hang Snacks

Hate to build a snack station for chips and pretzels? Use Rubbermaid’s hanging clip instead to keep snacks in order. Simply hang the snacks from wire shelving using the Rubbermaid’s clip.

27. Use a Library Ladder

Use a Library Ladder

Don’t know how to reach and organize the ceiling-high items of your pantry? Grab a library ladder that also adds style and functionality to space.

28. Assemble Baker’s Racks

Pantry Organization Ideas10

Not everyone has the luxury of having a large spacious pantry. That’s why introduce industrial wire shelves in the kitchen spare area for better organization of pantry items.

29. Use Vintage Soda Crates for Storage

Use Vintage Soda Crates for Storage

Hit two birds with one stone by introducing vintage soda crates that not only gives a rustic farmhouse look to your pantry but also let you array food supplies as well.

30. Use Rolling Hampers

Use Rolling Hampers

Rolling hampers are not only for laundry, they double as pantry organizers as well. Use some to keep larger items like shopping bags in order.

31. Group Similar Items Together

Pantry Organization Ideas11

Grouping similar food items together in one place gives you a glance at what you’ve in your pantry and what you’re running short of while making a list for grocery shopping.

32. Introduce Shelf Liners

Introduce Shelf Liners

Accumulation of dust and spilling or leaking of jars or cans are not new in the pantry. To avoid such situations, use shelf liners.

33. Use First In First Out System

Use First In First Out System

To use kitchen supplies more efficiently, implement the “first-in, first-out” (FIFO) method. In this system, eatables are organized in the pantry in such a way that the older stuff gets used first.

34. Decant Dry Goods into Pantry Jars

Pantry Organization Ideas12

Emptying dry goods into airtight jars is necessary while organizing the pantry. This extends goods’ shelf life, lets you keep track of how much you’ve, and prevents bugs infestation as well.

35. Wooden Countertop for Small Appliances

Wooden Countertop for Small Appliances

If you want to store small kitchen appliances in the pantry to free some kitchen space, fix a wooden countertop inside the pantry to organize them properly.

36. Take Advantage of Vertical Space With Tall Baskets

Take Advantage of Vertical Space With Tall Baskets

Make the most out of the vertical space of the bottom pull-out shelf by placing tall baskets to arrange items that would otherwise fall while opening and closing the shelf.

37. Under-Shelf Baskets

Pantry Organization Ideas13

If your pantry has fixed shelvings, then under-shelf baskets are perfect for you that double the storage space for better pantry organization and eliminates the need to place items on top of each other.

38. Install Spotlights

Install Spotlights

To organize a pantry efficiently, quickly, and easily as possible, it’s vital to install spotlights. As a bonus, it makes the place appealing as well.

39. Stack Foods and Drinks by Height

Stack Foods and Drinks by Height

While arranging the groceries, make sure to place the taller stuff behind the smaller ones. This prevents the wastage and misplacement of little items.

40. Keep Breakables Within Reach

Pantry Organization Ideas14

While organizing the pantry, keep the delicate or glass objects on the lower shelves as they can slip and break easily.

Try the above pantry organization ideas to manage your space the way you want. Let us know what ideas you’re going to use for your pantry by commenting below.

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