6 Home Remedies For Boxelder Bugs Infestation

Remove boxelder bugs from your home and keep it healthy and clean by following these home remedies for boxelder bugs elimination!

These North American species of ‘true bugs’ can be found on the boxelder tree, among others. They will be present in the tree trunks, soil, or even on the sidewalks. Their yellow color eggs are found in a group of 10 and turn red as they mature. Once your home is infested with these filthy pests, it’s indispensable to get rid of them. Although they aren’t harmful, their feces can stain any light color surface. Moreover, the presence of these uninvited crawling guests in your house can be awful; after all, they are pests only! Hence, try out these home remedies for boxelder bugs elimination from your home.

How to identify boxelder bugs?

The identification of boxelder bugs is quite easy; their vibrant color doesn’t let them hide. Black in color, they have reddish-orange color stripes at the back. Usually, about an inch in size, they enter your house in winters. In case you are to harm them, then stop right there because they emit a disgusting smell.

How do they enter your house?

Home Remedies For Boxelder Bugs2

Boxelder bugs can quickly enter your house through cracks and crevices that are left unnoticed. Even open doors and windows serve as an entry point for these bugs. A chimney or any opening in the building is the place where they can enter your house in winters for warmth.

Home Remedies For Boxelder Bugs

1. Fill The Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and crevices are the major sources for the entry of these bugs and many other rodents and pests. Check your house for any cracks and crevices, and fix them with either cement or wooden slates if they are significant cracks. While we talk about ‘all the house,’ remember that we’re taking your basement and outdoor storehouse into consideration too. Don’t leave doors and windows open for long, especially in winters, as they are likely to seek warmth in your home.

2. Clean Area with a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

In case you’ve found infestation in the house, clean the area with a vacuum cleaner. Properly cleaning the area with a vacuum cleaner will not only remove the eggs but the bugs too. Do this daily and in every corner until you stop seeing the bugs.

3. Cleaning with a Detergent

Make a solution of laundry detergent and water and spray it near the areas where you might have seen the bugs. The detergent spray removes the wax covering from the outer body of the bugs, and thus cause dehydration. Eventually, the bugs will be dead in a matter of hours. Once you see the dead bodies, escort them with the help of a broom and dustpan.

4. Sprinkle Borax Powder

Borax Powder

Sprinkle borax powder on the areas infested with boxelder bugs. You can even sprinkle it on the windows, doors, and trees that host these bugs. Borax powder is a natural insecticide that will kill these bugs and stop the infestation right there.

5. Essential Oils

Some of the essential oils have a strong smell, which these bugs hate. These essential oils will help you get rid of the bugs very quickly. Pour 10-15 drops at the places of infestation or wherever you’ve seen them. You can use lavender oil, any citrus-y oil, clove oil, or even neem essential oil. If you escort any cracks and crevices inside your home, either fix them or spray any of these essential oils for the time being.

6. Diatomaceous Earth

Home Remedies For Boxelder Bugs3

This is a natural insecticide that kills bugs, larvae, and even eggs. It is Eco-friendly and can be sprinkled at the infested area, on the trees, in the garden, etc. Make sure that you wear gloves while sprinkling it because it can cause skin irritation.

Don’t let these bugs “bug you,” and this can be quickly done by following healthy home practices. Keep a check on your house and even in the yard, garage, and basement. Keeping it healthy and clean won’t let the boxelder bugs infest in your home.

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