20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas

Try your hands on these amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas and awestruck the guests with your creativity wand!

The joy of crafting home decors for Christmas is unmatched, which becomes even more exciting when paired with IKEA items. So we’ve brought you some Amazing IKEA hacks for Christmas to try out.

Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas

1. IKEA Christmas Lantern

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 1

Grab an IKEA Rotera 8โ€ณ lantern, red cardstock, narrow red ribbon, Cricut, and adhesive foam squares to craft this darling Christmas lantern.

2. DIY Advent Calendar with IKEA Frames

Make this fun advent calendar out of Ikea frames to follow the Christmas tradition with a modern twist. Fill the calendar with gifts to amp up the thrill with each passing day.

3. Deer Silhouette Holiday Pillow

Give a festive update to the regular IKEA forest green pillow using a deer silhouette. Get the tutorial here.

4. DIY IKEA RIBBA Picture Ledge Tree

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 2

Craving for a unique holiday showpiece? Make this IKEA Ribba picture ledge tree to get a lit decor for the Christmas season.

5. IKEA Chalkboard Tray

Turn an IKEA tray into a chalkboard to beautify the dull indoor wall with a Christmas quote.

6. Giant Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 3

Try this amazing hack that converts a large IKEA Christmas tree fabric into a giant advent calendar, using white wool felt numbers, wool felt circles, and wooden dowels.

7. DIY Christmas Cloche

Make a lovely and sparkling Christmas cloche featuring a baby reindeer and trees, with this ingenious IKEA hack.ย It’s a perfect gift for guests and loved ones.

8. IKEA Side Table Christmas Tree Base

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 4

This blogger shows how to transform an IKEA side table into a pretty and fully functional Christmas tree base.

9. Gingerbread House Hack

If you’re planning to make mini gingerbread houses out of IKEA kits, consider this hack with three different versions of a gingerbread house.

10. DIY Lightbox Nativity Scene

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 5

Create this lightbox nativity scene out of an IKEA Ribba picture frame for a memorable yet traditional element for your abode. It’s one of the amazing IKEA hacks for Christmas to date.

11. Christmas Scene in an IKEA Lantern

This hack needs an IKEA lantern, a snowman pair, a faux tree branch, a garden fence, and tiny polystyrene balls to put together a Christmas lantern.

12. Special IKEA Christmas Tree

Fill your home with festive colors by making this Christmas tree on a wall with an IKEA snowflake light chain. Arrange the light chain in a triangular shape on the wall.

13. DIY Faux Sheepskin Christmas Wreath

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 6

Have an IKEA faux sheepskin rug? Reuse it to make a chic, textured, furry Christmas wreath, perfect for empty walls or front door.

14. IKEA BAG Christmas Wreath

Instead of dumping away the IKEA paper bags, use them to create a wreath for Christmas. It’s one of the most amazing hacks on this list.

15. Modern Advent Calendar

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 7

Usher in the Christmas spirit with this modern advent calendar made from IKEA finds. It’s an immaculate decor for monochrome interiors.

16. IKEA Photo Ornament

Dress up your Christmas tree with a photo ornament crafted from an IKEA cork coaster for a personal touch. It’s a beginner-friendly project and no special tools are required.

17. Apple Tealight Candle Holders

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 8

Carve out apples from the top and put IKEA tealight candles inside them to create this cheap yet cheery Christmas decor. You can try this hack with other fruits as well.

18. Oversized Holiday Ornaments

With glossy spray paint, gold leaf, black velvet ribbon, and IKEA lampshades, you can try these oversized holiday ornaments for an ultra-luxe display.

19. IKEA Cutting Board Christmas Hack

Watch this video to find out two different ways of using IKEA cutting boards as decor for the upcoming Christmas season.

20. Five Minute IKEA Christmas Hack

An IKEA Christmas hack that costs only $10 and can be completed in five minutes, makes for an excellent last-minute holiday project.

21. IKEA Christmas Wreath Hack

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 9

If you have a cheap IKEA wreath, glam it up with silver dollar eucalyptus, and faux juniper berry sprigs.

22. DIY Paper Christmas Tree

All you need is an IKEA Holmรถ lamp, white cards, scissors, and glue to DIY this adorable and inexpensive paper Christmas tree.

23. Lantern Turned Holiday Terrarium

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 10

Get into the festive spirit by remodeling an IKEA Sommar lantern into a simple yet stylish Christmas terrarium featuring a winter scene.

24. Storage Table Christmas Countdown Calendar

Make your daughter’s Christmas memorable by transforming an IKEA storage table into an advent calendar with fairy lights and advent sachets loaded with cosmetics, cozy socks, candles, and chocolate bars.

25. IKEA Gift Tags Christmas Ornaments

20+ Amazing IKEA Hacks for Christmas 11

Running out of ornaments for your mini Christmas tree? Don’t fret, try this no-fuss hack to convert IKEA gift tags into elegant ornaments.

26. DIY Mini Christmas House

Recreate this lovely mini house using an IKEA DOMHERRE storage box that stands out beautifully with a Christmas tree.

27. Winter Snow Globes With IKEA Jars

Nothing is more cheerful and magical than snow globes with winter scenes. To DIY snow globes with an IKEA twist, check out this tutorial.

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