28 Attention-Grabbing Snake Plant Decor Ideas

Are you looking for some classy Snake Plant Decor Ideas? We have your back with the most stunning and affordable options across the web!

The snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue plant is easy to maintain, removes toxic air pollutants, and complements all home decor styles. If you want to beautify your space with its stunning foliage, check out these fantastic Snake Plant Decor Ideas.

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Snake Plant Decor Ideas

1. Use a Turtle Planter


Give an interesting look to your boring living space by growing snake plants in a unique brass turtle planter.

2. Use a Tall White Pot

Plant this foliar specimen in a tall white pot to create an eye-catching accent piece. This setup looks great in corners or as a stand-alone centerpiece.

3. Boho Chic Ceramic Tile Planter Box


Make this fun boho-inspired ceramic tile planter box to exhibit your lovely snake plant on the coffee or patio table for a captivating look.

4. On a Tiered Corner Stand and Wooden Stool

Introduce a tall corner stand and a wooden stool adorned with snake plants to jazz up your dull living room. It’s one of the easiest snake plant decor ideas.

5. Display Snake Plants on Cinder Blocks


Arrange cinder blocks on top of each other and then place a few snake plants on them for an interesting look.

6. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Plants on Staircase


Set some snake plants on the staircase to add character and visual appeal indoors.

7. Glass Bowl With a Brass Watering Can

Add some pizzazz indoors by growing snake plants in glass bowls instead of regular pots. Keep a brass watering can with them for an added charm.

8. White Pot on the Mantel


Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living room by adorning the fireplace mantel with a stunning snake plant.

9. Indoor Snake Plant Collection


If you want an eye-catching focal point in your abode, grow a couple of snake plants in different stylish planters.

10. Snake Plant Kokedama Dining Table Centerpiece

Watch this video tutorial to make a stylish kokedama dining table centerpiece using snake plants and other supplies.

11. In a Rustic Planter


A snake plant potted in a rustic-looking planter is what you need to amp up the look and feel of your home decor.

12. Snake Plant Near the Window

Are you considering decorating the dull window space with greenery? Snake plants would be an awesome choice.

13. Snake Plant Porch Decor


Grab elegant white pots, gold-plated stands, and snake plants to make your porch more attractive.

14. Pressed Dried Grass Art Frame and White Pot


Decorate a shelf with white dried grass art frame and potted snake plant to create an incredible view.

15. Jute Planter Near Frameless Full Standing Arch Mirror


Don’t let the space around your frameless, full-standing arch mirror go to waste. Simply display snake plants in a jute planter near the mirror to enhance the appeal.

16. Snake Plants in Plastic Bottle Planters

Learn how to transform empty plastic bottles into stylish planters to showcase snake plants’ beauty.

17. Mother-in-law’s Tongue Plant in Egg-Shaped Planters


Grow snake plants in dark grey, egg-shaped concrete planters to brighten up any dull corner.

18. DIY Wood Log Planter for Snake Plants

Learn how to turn a wooden log into a peculiar planter for snake plants in this video tutorial. It’s an ideal decorative piece for the living room, porch, and patio.

19. Use Cedar Hexagon Planters


Instead of showing off snake plants in ugly pots, keep them in these easy-to-make, stunning hexagonal cedar planters. Read more here.

20. Different Sized Plants on a Table

Exhibit snake plants of different sizes in white-colored pots on a table to create a nice little green nook indoors.

21. In a Black Shiplap Planter

Consider using a black shiplap planter to showcase your favorite snake plant variety in the living room. The tutorial is here.

22. Wall Hanging Snake Plant Decor


With its intricate macrame work, this creative snake plant wall-hanging is an excellent means to display greenery with style.

23. Snake Plant in Beautiful Black Pot


This black-colored pot featuring macrame artwork and a snake plant creates an attractive conversation piece.

24. With a Cactus, Rug, and Skull


To make your space stand out, embellish it with a potted snake plant along with a chic rug, a cactus, and an animal skull.

25. On the Kitchen Island


Put snake plant on the kitchen island for a modern touch. It’s one of the most amazing snake plant decor ideas.

26. In a Bedroom Corner

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Thanks to their exotic appearance and ability to purify indoor air, snake plants are a must-have addition to the bedroom.

27. Near Large Windows

Make the most out of the space around the large windows to show off your mother-in-law’s tongue plant.

28. Snake Plant Paired With a Candleholder

Get creative and pair an old candle holder with the snake plant on the windowsill for a unique look.

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