17 Best Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas That You Must Copy

Trail your favorite vining varieties around the house with these Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas, and enjoy the lush tropical vibes!

These Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas not only support climbers but also adds dimension, character, texture, and charm to the space. They are easy to DIY and make great accent pieces.

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas

1. DIY Indoor Trellis for Climbing Vines

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 1

DIY this wall trellis to train your favorite climbers and add greenery indoors. Here’s the tutorial.

2. DIY Macrame Style Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 2

All you need are macramé rings, yarn, and a 9mm crochet hook to create this macrame-style trellis. Anyone with beginner-level skills can complete this project.

3. DIY Wood and Leather Trellis Plant Wall

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 3

This easy-to-make, wall-mounted trellis is affordable and looks great on apartment walls. The details are available in this helpful blog post.

4. Indoor Garden Wall Trellis Idea

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 4

With nylon string, nails, and a few supplies, you can easily make this chic wall trellis to bring texture and interest indoors. Hop to this tutorial to learn more.

5. DIY Wire Vine Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 5

Here’s the tutorial to DIY a statement-making wire trellis that amplifies the home interior’s look.

6. Tall Indoor DIY Ladder Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 6

If you want a quick wall trellis for indoors, use a wooden ladder. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to display your climbing plants.

7. Old Window Frame Wall Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 7

Instead of throwing the old broken window frame, use it as a wall-mounted trellis and invite the rustic charm indoors.

8. Twigs Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 8

Gather some twigs, secure them with a rope or fishing line, and hang the structure from the wall using command hooks.

9. Twine Indoor Wall Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 9

Have you always wanted to DIY an indoor plant trellis but weren’t sure where to begin? Then check out this tutorial.

10. Bamboo and Rope Wall Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 10

Recreate this simple indoor wall trellis using a few bamboo sticks, rope, and this DIY.

11. Pentagonal Metal Trellis

Indoor Wall Trellis Ideas 11

Transform the look of your bland wall with this pentagonal trellis. You only need wood hooks, metal wire, and a bit of creativity for this project.

Here are some fantastic DIY wire sculpture ideas for garden

12. Use Wall Clips/Command Hooks

If DIYing is not your thing, but still you want a trellis indoors, use wall clips or command hooks to train your vining houseplants.

13. Hang a Branch

Fasten a branch or driftwood using nails on the desired wall to imitate this beautiful DIY trellis for yourself.

14. Invisible Wall Trellis

Check out this video to create an invisible trellis that makes everybody thinks the vine is climbing on its own. You can also see the written instructions here.

15. Wooden Vertical and Horizontal Trellis

This wooden vertical and horizontal trellis transforms an entire wall into a mini jungle.

16. Modern Wall Trellis

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, this sturdy trellis is made from galvanized steel tubing and bands.

17. Zig-Zag Rope Trellis for Vining Plants


Showcase your vining plants with style by making this zig-zag rope trellis using wooden hooks and rope.

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