20+ Christmas Slime Ideas

Here are some Christmas Slime Ideas, a fun-filled festive activity for kids, and ideal holiday gifts for loved ones!

As kids are obsessed with slime as well as Christmas, we’ve combined their favorite activity with festive colors for extra fun! Let’s find out some Christmas Slime Ideas below.

Christmas Slime Ideas

1. Glittery Grinch Slime

Check out the video to whip up this fluffy, glittery grinch slime with your kiddos for a merry dose of festiveness.

2. Christmas Light Slime

Christmas Slime Ideas 1

Besides being a lovely party favor, this Christmas light slime keeps your children busy, giving you enough time to complete the festive chores.

3. Cute Faces Christmas Slime Ideas

Don’t know what to gift your kids the upcoming festival? Make these colorful Christmas slime and pack them in jars having cute Rudolph, snowman, and grinch faces.

4. DIY Christmas Tree Slime

DIY Christmas Tree Slime

Green food coloring, glue, contact solution, miniature ornaments, and shaving cream are all you need to bring this super fluffy Christmas tree slime to life.

5. Candy-Cane Christmas Slime Recipe

Christmas Slime Ideas 2

This candy cane Christmas slime inspires your little ones for science and sensory learning with holiday joy.

6. Gingerbread Slime

Gingerbread Slime

Give your junior a few hours of entertaining sensory play with a Christmassy twist by creating this gingerbread slime.

7. Peppermint Slime Recipe

Christmas Slime Ideas 3

DIY this merry peppermint slime with your children to get into the festive mode. Read the recipe here.

8. Elf on the Shelf Slime

Elf on the Shelf Slime

Try this greenish elf on-the-shelf slime to bring a big smile to your kiddos’ faces. It’s one of the most enticing Christmas slime ideas on this list.

9. Sequins Christmas Tree Slime

Christmas Slime Ideas 4

This sequins Christmas tree slime is a great Christmas eve project, and you can beautify it with other adornments as well.

10. Melting Snowman Slime

Melting Snowman Slime

Here’s the tutorial for shaping a fluffy snowman or a melting one from slime, an excellent vacation project for your little scientists.

11. Snowflake Slime Recipe

Christmas Slime Ideas 5

Looking for a family bonding activity that gives Christmas vibes as well? Don’t look further, as this snowflake slime recipe fits the bill.

12. Nativity-Inspired Slime

Nativity-Inspired Slime

Tell your kids the nativity story through this nativity-inspired slime project, featuring glitter, star confetti, and nativity flatback buttons.

13. Green & Red Christmas Slime Recipe

Christmas Slime Ideas 6

Add this fun green and red Christmas slime to your kid’s holiday to-do list, a perfect sensory exercise.

14. Crunchy Hot Cocoa Slime with Foam Marshmallows

Crunchy Hot Cocoa Slime with Foam Marshmallows

An ideal Christmas pastime, this crunchy hot cocoa foam marshmallows slime will keep your child entertained and engaged in this festival.

15. Enormous Christmas Slime

Nothing says Merry Christmas than this enormous glittery slime. It’s probably one of the best Christmas slime ideas till date.

16. Easy Christmas Slime Recipe

Christmas Slime Ideas 7

Filled with holiday spirit and festive hues, this bright Christmas slime is super easy to make. The details are here.

17. Rudolph Reindeer Slime

Rudolph Reindeer Slime

This festival season, impress your junior by preparing this Rudolph reindeer Christmas slime adorned with a red nose and googly eyes.

18. DIY Homemade Snowball Slime

Christmas Slime Ideas 8

If the weather doesn’t allow your kids for an outdoor snowball fight, introduce this snowball slime project to make their Christmas memorable.

19. DIY Edible Chocolate Reindeer Slime

DIY Edible Chocolate Reindeer Slime

Have you ever heard about a stretchy, gooey, yet edible slime? If not, this reindeer chocolate slime recipe is only for you.

20. Santa Inspired Slime

Christmas Slime Ideas 9

No Christmas is complete without Santa, so why not combine this loveable character with your kid’s favorite activity through this Santa-inspired slime!

21. Jingle Bell Slime Recipe

Jingle Bell Slime Recipe

This year, celebrate Christmas differently by DIYing this jingle bell slime and add a little jingle to your life!

22. Glowing Christmas Slime

Christmas Slime Ideas 10

Encourage experimentation and creativity in your child by DIYing this Christmas slime with them that lights up for real.

23. Christmas Taffy Slime Recipe

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Slime

Made from unusual ingredients, this edible Taffy slime is the best Christmas STEM activity for your little ones this holiday.

24. Pom Pom Christmas Tree Slime

Christmas Slime Ideas 11

Besides enjoying the festive season, make your kids learn chemistry, temperature, measurements, and a lot more with this Christmas slime project.

Quick Note- For safety reasons, supervise your little ones carefully when they’re trying the above Christmas slime ideas.

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