Top 10 Cinder Block Fence Ideas To Try

Explore these ingenious Cinder Block Fence Ideas and elevate your garden’s aesthetics with utmost privacy and security!

Are you tired of traditional fencing options and looking for something that stands out? Draw inspiration from these amazing Cinder Block Fence Ideas that will help you improve outdoor aesthetics, privacy, and security.

Here are the Clever Cinder Block Ideas for Garden

Cinder Block Fence Ideas

1. Black Painted Cinder Blocks Fence

 Cinder Block Fence Ideas 1

Made from black-painted cinder blocks, this visually appealing fence adds a sleek, modern touch to any outdoor space. Its durable and low-maintenance nature makes it suitable for both urban and suburban settings.

2. Moss Covered Cinder Block Fence

 Cinder Block Fence Ideas 2

Breathe new life into your ordinary cinder block fence by letting the moss grow over the blocks. This not only creates a unique, natural aesthetic but also adds a calming, green element to the space.

3. DIY Cinder Block Fence With Wooden Rails

 Cinder Block Fence Ideas 3

To build this durable fence in your backyard, you will need adhesive, cinder blocks, paver stones, and treated lumbers. It’s undoubtedly one of the best cinder block fence ideas you’ve ever encountered.

4. Cinder Block and Picket Fence

 Cinder Block Fence Ideas 4

This unique fencing design combines the sturdiness of concrete and the timeless charm of wooden pickets. It not only blocks the view of snooping neighbors but also boosts the curb appeal.

5. Hog Wire and Cinder Blocks Fencing

 Cinder Block Fence Ideas 5

Combine robust cinder blocks and hog wire panels to create a sturdy boundary for your pigs. This fencing option is easy to construct and provides a long-lasting alternative to traditional pigsty setups. Read the details in this article.

6. Cinder Block and Wood Fence for Pool

 Cinder Block Fence Ideas 6

Try the combination of whitewashed cinder blocks and wooden slats to create a unique poolside barrier. It’s great for boosting the aesthetic appeal and blocking unauthorized access to the poolside area.

7. PVC Pipes and Cinder Blocks Garden Fence

PVC Pipes and Blocks Garden Fence

Are you looking for affordable fencing for your vegetable garden? Look no further and consider this fence that requires PVC pipes, chicken wire, cinder blocks for the base, and DIYing skills. Go through this article for detailed instructions.

8. Cinder Block and Metal Fence Idea

Blocks and Iron Fence Idea

By integrating cinder blocks with iron bars, you can create an outstanding fence for better security and aesthetic appeal. This durable fencing can easily withstand weather elements.

9. Dark Grey Cinder Block and Tigerwood Fence

Dark Grey Block and Tigerwood Fence

Achieve a statement-making, contemporary look for your outdoor space by installing a dark grey-hued cinder block fence. Equip it with tigerwood panels for added rustic charm. It goes well with every outdoor setting.

10. Cinder Blocks Fence With Breeze-Block Design

Cinder Fence With Breeze-Block Design

If you’re looking to add a touch of creativity to your outdoor space, consider a cinder block fence with a breeze-block design. These blocks, with their unique patterns and cut-outs, allow light and air to pass through while maintaining privacy.

Cinder Block Fence Ideas: FAQs

1. How Much Does a Cinder Block Fence Cost?

The cost of a cinder block fence can vary depending on several factors. Property mapping, which involves hiring a surveyor to determine property lines, can cost between $300 and $700. Additionally, some communities require a building permit for erecting a fence, ranging from $75 to $200. When it comes to the blocks themselves, cinder blocks typically cost $2.50 to $3 each, while concrete blocks are slightly cheaper at $2 to $2.50. Split-faced blocks, offering a more decorative option, can range from $2.50 to $3.50 per block. Factors such as the choice of footing, terrain complexity, and labor costs, which typically range from $30 to $50 per hour, can further influence the overall cost. Consider these factors and obtain detailed quotes from local contractors for a more accurate estimate.

2. How to Paint Cinder Block Fence?

Painting is an easy and affordable way to give your old cinder block fence a fresh and appealing look. To paint a cinder block fence, start by thoroughly cleaning the surface with water and mild detergent. Repair any cracks or holes and apply a primer designed for masonry surfaces. Choose a high-quality exterior masonry paint in your desired color. Apply the paint using a roller or sprayer. Allow each coat to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions before applying additional coats. Inspect for missed spots and touch up as needed.

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