7 Flowers That Look Like Skulls | Skull Shaped Flowers

Want conversation-starting specimens for your dull landscape? Check out these fascinating Flowers That Look Like Skulls!

With their otherworldly appearance, these unusual flowers that look like skulls will definitely pique the interest of your neighbors and passersby.

Flowers That Look Like Skulls

1. Skull Orchid

Flowers That Look Like Skulls 1

Botanical Name – Catasetum integerrimum

Native from Mexico to Central America, this orchid is popular for its skull-like blossoms that can become up to 4 inches long. They are available in green, purple, and white hues.

2. Swaddled Babies Orchid

Flowers That Look Like Skulls 2

Botanical Name – Anguloa uniflora

The flowers of swaddled babies orchids look like babies wrapped in a blanket. From a distance, they also resemble the skulls of newborns. These mildly fragrant blooms come in cream, yellow, and pink hues.

3. Catasetum sanguineum ‘Patrick’

Flowers That Look Like Skulls 3

Botanical Name – Catasetum sanguineum ‘Patrick’

Featuring skull-shaped flowers, this rare orchid variety is the perfect specimen to create an unforgettable display in any setting. Not to mention, its striking blooms also imitate the look of monkey faces.

4. Skullcap Flower

Flowers That Look Like Skulls 4

Botanical Name – Scutellaria spp.

Scutellaria is a rare specimen with tiny lavender-hued blossoms that mimic the appearance of tiny skulls. These flowers were an important ingredient in traditional medicine to soothe different health conditions.

5. Dried Snapdragons

Flowers That Look Like Skulls 5

Botanical Name – Antirrhinum majus

When the snapdragon flowers wilt or dry, they almost look like tiny skulls. These dried blooms are great for enhancing the spookiness of Halloween or Day of the Dead decorations.

6. Darth Vader Orchid

Darth Vader Orchid

Botanical Name – Aristolochia salvador platensis

Are you a ‘Star Wars’ fan? If yes, grow this bizarre plant whose blossoms are shaped like the helmet of Darth Vader. Its flowers also give the impression of human skulls.

7. Summer Snapdragon

Summer Snapdragon

Botanical Name – Angelonia angustifolia

Summer snapdragon is a cool-weather annual that displays tiny white, pink, mauve, or purple blooms with skull-like centers. This plant loves a well-drained potting mix for best growth.

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