40 Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas | Things to Make Out of Air Dry Clay

These cute air-dry clay ideas will inspire you to make beautiful yet functional objects out of air-dry clay!

No need to rely on other types of clay when you can DIY unique things from air-dry clay without baking. Here’s a list of Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas to take inspiration from.

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas

1. DIY Pineapple Air Dry Clay Planter

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 1

Give your dull terracotta pots an eye-catchy pineapple look using a white paint marker, air dry clay, and this tutorial.

2. DIY Easy Clay Bowls

Watch this video to make durable air-dry clay bowls to store jewelry, coins, keys, and the like. The best part, no baking is required.

3. Handmade Clay Diffuser Necklace

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 2

Imitate these beautiful necklaces out of air-dry clay that also doubles up as an essential oil diffuser. Read more here.

4. DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 3

Make your kid’s bedroom a dreamy space by crafting this fascinating moon phase wall mobile with air-dry clay to display different phases of the moon cycle.

5. Geometric Colored Pencil Holder

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 4

Build a new parking station for your pencils and crayons out of air-dry clay. Head over to this blog for more info.

6. DIY Air Dry Clay Tree Trunk

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 5

Replicate this cute tree trunk to hold pencils, small stationery items, coins, keys, and a tiny planter.

7. Heart-Shaped Clay Rainbow Fish

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 6

Craft this decor-worthy clay rainbow fish and stick a magnet on its back to display on the refrigerator.

8. Clay Leaf Bowl

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 7

Add a touch of nature indoors by making these decor-worthy, air-dry clay leaf bowls having textures identical to a natural leaf.

9. Air Dry Clay Toy Biscuits

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 8

If your kids love cooking in a play kitchen, DIY some toy biscuits using air-dry clay to amp up their enjoyment level.

10. Mid Century Ceramic Hand Dish

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 9

Made up of air-dry clay, these mid-century hand dishes are great souvenirs for your loved ones on every occasion.

11. Clay Pendant Hanging Lamp

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 10

Swap your outdated pendant lamps with these artsy clay pendant hanging lamps to attract lots of eyeballs.

12. Air Dry Clay Circle Garland

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 11

Got bored of the regular paper garlands? Try this unique circle garland made up of air-dry clay and string for a stunning look.

13. Clay and Rope Pot

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 12

All you need is a bowl, air dry clay, roller, and rope to mimic this trendy, nautical-themed clay and rope pot to keep those extra fruits in place.

14. Air Dry Clay Earrings

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 13

Do you love handmade ornaments? Stay tuned with this tutorial to create four funky air-dry clay earrings.

15. Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Create this adorable clay cactus ring holder to display rings, or use it as a decorative piece to spruce up your dull mantel space.

16. Mini Swan Clay Craft

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 15

If you’re searching for a mini desk organizer, this adorable swan fits the bill. You can also use it to hold flowers or as a planter for succulents.

17. Clay Sugar Skull Bead Necklace

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 16

Indulge your kids in this clay sugar skull bead necklace project to make them familiar with the world of clay crafts.

18. Hanging Clay Wall Planters

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 17

Spruce up the look of your home with these modern hanging clay planters. People with a green thumb will adore this idea.

19. Cute Dog Sculpture

Show off your clay crafting skills by making this sleeping dog sculpture out of air-dry clay and Plaster of Paris. It’s one of the cute air dry clay ideas on this list.

20. Tea Light Holders

Tea Light Holders

Instead of purchasing tea light holders, use your DIYing skill to make many of them using air-dry clay and this tutorial.

21. Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 20

Ditch the traditional holiday adornments and try these adorable clay ornaments to beautify your Christmas tree.

22. Mini Vase Magnet Craft

Mini Vase Magnet Craft

Transform air-dry clay into beautiful mini vase magnets to showcase your kids’ sketches or family photos on the metal surfaces. This project is kid-friendly and cheap too.

23. Air Dry Clay Rainbow Ornaments

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 22

Want to embellish your Christmas tree differently this year? Try these rainbow ornaments made of air-dry clay, acrylic craft paint, twine, and other supplies.

24. Clay Coil Hearts

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 23

Make this fun clay coil hearts craft with your kids to keep them entertained and occupied. This is probably one of the cute air dry clay ideas on this list.

25. Air Dry Clay Bunnies for Easter

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 24

Learn to craft these super adorable clay bunnies to level up your easter decorations. Read more here.

26. Air-Drying Clay Garden Gnomes

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 25

Brighten up your yard with this cute collection of clay garden gnomes that are super easy to make and attract your neighbor’s attention.

27. Seashell Clay Necklace

Seashell Clay Necklace

DIY these beach-themed seashell clay necklaces that go flawlessly well with any summer outfit. The how-to is here.

28. Air Dry Clay Alphabet Plates

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 27

Can be crafted in several shades and patterns, these alphabet clay plates are perfect as coasters or display pieces.

29. Fantasy Dragon Eggs

Fantasy Dragon Eggs

Are you fond of Dragons and everything else related to them? If yes, create dragon eggs with air-dry clay, acrylic beads, and tiny stones!

30. Decorative Clay Cones

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 29

Complement your home decor with these textured and impression-making clay cones to display faux flowers.

31. DIY Evil Eye Wall Hanging

DIY Evil Eye Wall Hanging

Ward off bad energy from your space by creating this enchanting evil eye wall-hanging charm. Simply tuck it on the front door, and that’s it.

32. Air Dry Clay Sea Shell Creatures

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 31

Teach your children about the sea creatures by involving them in this fun clay seashell creatures project.

33. Clay Knobs

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 32

Jazz up your drab furniture with these modern knobs made from air-dry clay and spare knob hardware.

34. Embossed Clay Stone Paperweights

Embossed Clay Stone Paperweights

Exchange your traditional paperweights with these embossed air-dry clay paperweights. It’s a beginner and kid-friendly project.

35. Air Dry Clay Animal Heads

Cute Air Dry Clay Ideas 34

These eye-catching air-dry clay animal heads are appealing wall-hanging decoratives for home, kid’s nursery, and office.

36. DIY Clay Alphabet Container

DIY Clay Alphabet Container

Mold air-dry clay into the initials of your loved ones and use them as desk organizers to organize paper clips, staples, and similar things. Details are here.

37. Clay Incense Holder

Clay Incense Holder

DIY this clay incense holder to keep the little piles of ash in check while embracing your spiritual side.

38. Cute Air Dry Clay Flower Ring

Prettify yourself with this cute air-dry clay ring. Watch this video to learn more about this fantastic clay craft.

39. Air Dry Clay Faux Succulents

Air Dry Clay Faux Succulents

Do you have a brown thumb but still want to include plants indoors? Make faux succulents from air-dry clay and feel the difference.

40. DIY Air Drying Clay Head Planter

DIY Air Drying Clay Head Planter

This cute clay head planter is an excellent way to display your succulents or air plants in style. It’s probably one of the cute air dry clay ideas to take inspiration from.

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