35 Different Types of Jade Plants | Jade Plant Varieties

If you are a fan of pretty succulents, pick one from these Different Types of Jade Plants for a beautiful houseplant addition!

Below we have compiled a list of some beautiful Different Types of Jade Plants that are the best colorful specimens for indoors and outdoors.

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Different Types of Jade Plants

1. Hobbit

Different Types of Jade Plants 1

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Hobbit’

Highlighted by fleshy tube-shaped foliage with red tips and pink-white blooms, this slow-growing succulent is loved for its compact size.

2. Hummel’s Sunset

Different Types of Jade Plants 2

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset’

This award-winning, evergreen succulent has glossy, rounded, green foliage that turns from green to gold and red in winter.

3. Little Jade Tree

Different Types of Jade Plants 3

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Little Jade Tree’

Admired for the oval-shaped, green juicy foliage, this eye-catching jade variety is a perfect table centerpiece.

4. Pink Jade

Different Types of Jade Plants 4

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Pink Beauty’

This crassula ovata variety has clusters of fragrant star-shaped, pink-colored blossoms and obovate foliage. It prefers well-drained potting soil but hates overwatering.

5. Crassula Moon Glow

Different Types of Jade Plants 5

Botanical Name- Crassula mesembryanthemoides

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office desk by introducing this succulent featuring uniquely arranged grey-green leaves with small white hair.

6. Calico Kitten

Different Types of Jade Plants 6

Botanical Name- Crassula marginata ‘Variegata’

This variety is well-known for its attractive grey-green, heart-shaped foliage with pink-cream and lemon edges. It needs bright, filtered light for adequate growth.

7. Campfire

Different Types of Jade Plants 7

Botanical Name- Crassula capitella ‘Campfire’

Grow this succulent, offering propeller-like, multicolored leaves and white blooms for an interesting look. This plant loves full sun to partial shade.

8. Common Jade Plant

Different Types of Jade Plants 8

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata

Crassula ovata produces eye-catching green foliage and pink-white blossoms on the woody branches. It’s one of the best different types of jade plants.

9. Fairy Crassula


Botanical Name- Crassula multicava

Native to South Africa, this moderate to fast-growing, attention-grabbing succulent closely resembles a sedum plant. It prefers full sun or partial shade.

10. Silver Dollar Jade

Different Types of Jade Plants 9
shutterstock/Peter Turner Photography

Botanical Name- Crassula arborescens

Adored by gardening enthusiasts for its silvery-green foliage with burgundy edges, this jade plant variety is a sight to behold.

11. Red Flames

Different Types of Jade Plants 10

Botanical Name- Crassula capitella

Grow this picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy red flames succulent with distinct-looking leaves for an outstanding look.

12. Botany Bay

Different Types of Jade Plants 11

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Botany Bay’

The compact, bushy botany bay plant displays pale green foliage with sharp red tips. It’s an excellent plant for decorative purposes.

13. Harbor Lights

Different Types of Jade Plants 12

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Harbor Lights’

To brighten up your home decor, grow this magnificent plant that produces green leaves with red tinges on the tips.

14. Lady Fingers Jade

Different Types of Jade Plants 13

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Skinny fingers’

This evergreen shrub has slender finger-like leaves, hence the name. It’s an excellent plant to grow indoors and outdoors.

15. Variegated Gollum Jade

Different Types of Jade Plants 14

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata gollum variegata

This cultivar with attractive variegated tubular leaves makes it one of the most amazing types of jade plants on this list. Avoid overwatering this pretty succulent.

16. Propeller Plant

Different Types of Jade Plants 15
shutterstock/Giorgio Rossi

Botanical Name- Crassula falcata

Also known as the airplane plant and propeller plant, this jade species rewards with eye-catching red-hued flowers.

17. Gandalf Jade

Different Types of Jade Plants 16

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Gandalf’

This compact hybrid species has green foliage with scarlet-red margins. It’s believed to bring good fortune.

18. Variegated Jade Plant

Different Types of Jade Plants 17

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Variegata’

This subtropical evergreen succulent shrub enhances the visual appeal of any dull space with its green foliage sporting silver-white stripes.

19. Miniature Jade


Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Minima’

Popular as baby jade, the miniature jade plant is cherished for its bushier and compact growth pattern.

20. Blue Bird Money Plant


Botanical Name- Crassula arborescens blue bird variegata

The foliage of this rewarding succulent is adorned with a mix of cream, green, aqua, and red hues. That’s why it’s a wonderful addition to the garden.

21. Trailing Jade

Botanical Name-  Crassula sarmentosa ‘Comet’

Put this small trailing gorgeous plant on the shelves or table for an added charm. This plant is adored for its multicolored ovate leaves.

22. Baby’s Necklace

Botanical Name- Crassula rupestris

Add some personality and character to your monotonous living space by growing this jade plant variety that looks similar to a beaded necklace.

23. Miniature Pine Tree

Botanical Name- Crassula tetragona

Native to Southern Africa, the needle-like foliage makes this succulent an attractive ornamental plant. It’s also possible to grow this plant as a bonsai.

24. Ripple Jade Plant

Botanical Name- Crassula arborescens undulatifolia

Also known as the curly jade plant, this succulent is valued for its rippled leaves and white to pink blooms.

25. Gollum Jade


Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Gollum’

This lovely houseplant looks quite similar to the Hobbit variety but has more stubby, long tubular, trumpet-shaped leaves with red tips.

26. Crosby’s Red


Botanical Name- Crassula Ovata ‘Crosby’s Red’

Are you looking for a compact variety with wonderful leaves and flowers? The Crosby’s red is for you.

27. Pixie

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Pixie’

Introduced in 2014, this appealing succulent with mesmerizing foliage and blooms makes it a must-have indoor plant.

28. Ruby

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Ruby’

The beautiful ruby hue in the foliage and pink blossoms gives this compact plant a fantastic look.

29. Sienna

Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Sienna’

This rewarding plant grows in clusters with white and pink blossoms. It’s best for patio, balcony, and tabletop decoration.

30. Tricolor


Botanical Name- Crassula ovata ‘Tricolor’

The tricolor jade plant has attractive leaves with a distinct hue of green and yellow flushed with pink.

Portulacaria Afra

Hails from Africa, Portulacaria afra is a succulent species that looks identical to the original jade plant but has smaller foliage and compact growth habit.

31. Large Leaf Elephant Bush


Botanical Name- Portulacaria afra macrophylla

Spice up the look of any dull corner by placing this attractive plant adorned with fleshy green leaves on dark red stems.

32. Rainbow Bush

Botanical Name- Portulacaria afra ‘Variegata’

Grow this adorable rainbow bush plant variety exhibiting colorful stems and leaves to turn your space from drab to amazing.

33. Mediopicta


Botanical Name- Portulacaria afra ‘mediopicta’

Add a pop of color to your living room with greenery by introducing this mediopicta plant. It makes for a great coffee table plant.

34. Trailing Elephant Bush

Botanical Name- Portulacaria afra ‘Cascade’

This stunning succulent with maroon stems and fleshy foliage makes it an excellent conversation piece. It can easily tolerate long periods of heat and drought.

35. Yellow Rainbow Bush


Botanical Name- Portulacaria afra ‘Aurea’

This one-of-a-kind slow-growing plant has beautiful rounded pale yellow to light green foliage.

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