DIY Bubble Print Holiday Wrapping Paper

A cool way to wrap the gift is by using bubble print holiday wrap paper. Take help from this DIY bubble wrap to make it in no time.

Wrapping gifts are one of the favorite parts of gift giving. We try to make the gift as special on the outside as it is on the inside. Here is a way to make your own wrapping paper and add your own creative touch to your holiday gifts.


  • Roll of Craft Paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Sponge brush


  • Cut out a large piece of craft paper and lay it flat.
  • Choose your color (s) of paint you would like your wrapping paper to be. Please note light colors show up best on the darker craft paper. We used two shades of blue and white to create a snowy effect. Metallic paints like silver also show up well.
  • Use your sponge brush to paint over the bumpy side of your bubble wrap.
  • Time to print! Turn over the bubble wrap and press gently. Repeat over and over until you cover your paper.
  • You can experiment with different amounts of paint and color and easily make different kinds of wrapping paper from one roll.

Guest post by Kristen Solecki: She is an artist in Charleston who exhibits and sells her work at festivals, galleries, and storefronts around the country. When she isn’t making art, she runs the independent writing publication Sips Card with her husband, Tim LeVan Miller. To see more of Kristen’s work visit her website, or

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