15 DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas

Enhance the look and functionality of your favorite automobile with these cool DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas!

As cars are the second home to many, beautifying their appearance is worth the time and effort. To amp up your vehicle’s look, consider trying these amazing decoration ideas for car interiors.

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas

1. Reupholster Car Door Fabric

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 1

Want to transform the look of your ugly car door fabric into a funky one? Check out this reupholstering idea. This project uses a fabric mod podge, paint brush, orange wood stick, scissors, and desired fabric to refresh the vehicle’s appearance.

2. DIY Car Seat Organizer

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 2

Give your vehicle an aesthetic and functional update with a seat organizer. It will keep the car neat and essential items within reach during long drives. Get the complete instructions and list of supplies in this article.

3. DIY Car Seat Protector

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 3

You’ll need fabric, cotton batting, elastic, and a 1/2-inch grosgrain ribbon to recreate this pretty car seat protector. It’s an excellent means to protect the back of the car seat from dust and accidental footprints.

4. Cute Car Seat Covers

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 4

If you don’t want to mess up your car’s nice upholstery with dirty, wet, or stinky clothes, make these removable car seat covers. They will keep your vehicle’s seat stain-free and enhance the interior, too.

5. Flower Car Seat Covers

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 5

Learn how to revamp an old car seat cover into a stunning floral-patterned masterpiece with this tutorial. The best part about this project is that you can experiment with the choice of fabric and floral designs.

6. DIY Skeleton-Shaped Gear Shift Knob

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 6

Having no decor idea for your car’s plain old gear shift knob? No worries! Simply check out this instructable to learn how to install a skeleton-shaped gear shift knob and add some pizzazz to your vehicle interior.

7. Decorate Car Interior with Photos

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas 7

Personalize your vehicle by decorating its roof with lots of photos. Whether you use family memories or inspiring images, this idea creates a unique atmosphere inside the vehicle.

8. DIY Car Dreamcatcher

DIY Car Dreamcatcher

Want to add visual interest in your vehicle with a handcrafted decorative piece? Dreamcatchers are the best choice as they looks amazing and hangs easily from the car’s rear view mirror.

9. DIY Back Seat Bag

DIY Back Seat Bag

Besides neatly arranging kids’ toys and other small stuff, this backseat bag is a great decorative addition. You can easily customize the size and appearance of this bag to match your car’s interior.

10. DIY Hanging Plant Air Freshener

DIY Hanging Plant Air Freshener

Doubles up as a soothing air freshener, this faux hanging plant gives beachy vibes with its jute twine. Gather a styrofoam ball, faux succulent, wax melts, hot glue, and jute twine. Check out the instructions in this article.

11. Add a Potted Plant

Add a Potted Plant

Bring a touch of greenery to your car interior with a potted jade plant. It’s a perfect way to connect with nature while on the road. Learn more about this decoration idea in this YouTube video tutorial.

12. Reupholster Classic Car Back Seat

Reupholster Classic Car Back Seat

If you own a classic car like the 1946 Plymouth, revive its vintage charm by reupholstering the back seats, backrests, and seat bottom. You can get the step-by-step instructions and supplies in this article.

13. DIY Seat Belt Cover

DIY Seat Belt Cover

Decorate your boring-looking car seat belts with these easy-to-make belt covers. This accessory not only gives you comfort during driving but also spruces up the vehicle’s interior.

14. Car Halloween Decoration Idea

Car Halloween Decoration Idea

Get into the Halloween spirit by turning your car trunk into a festive display. Arrange a whimsical witch hat, bright pumpkins, a candy-filled pot, and balloons within the trunk space.

15. Interior Vinyl Wrap In Light Blue Chrome

Interior Vinyl Wrap In Light Blue Chrome

Turn your car interior panels into light blue chrome using the vinyl wrap film. This DIY requires precision and patience, but the results are quite satisfactory. Watch this video for more info.

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