17 Fun DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas

Enhance the beauty, performance, and comfort zone of your dream machine with these impressive and cool DIY car interior decoration ideas!

1. Reupholster Your Car Door Fabric

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas1

Upholster your car’s plain old, dull-looking door fabric into an adorable and funky one by trying out this DIY. Choose any fabric you like and get doing this one-of-a-kind DIY.

2. DIY Car Seat Organizer

DIY Car Seat Organizer

This DIY car seat organizer not only helps you manage your stuff during long drives but also protects the seat from spills, and not to mention it looks super cute.

3. DIY Car Seat Protector

DIY Car Seat Protector

You’ll need fabric, cotton batting, elastic, and a 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon to make for a pretty car seat protector. This seat will protect the back of the car seat from dust and accidental footprints.

4. DIY Rhinestone License Plate Frame

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas2

A car’s license plate is often overlooked in terms of customization and decoration. Make it super attractive with a couple of rhinestones and inspiration from this DIY.

5. Steering Wheel Cover

Steering Wheel Cover

Add a funky touch to your car’s steering wheel by decorating it with a multicolor cover. You can customize the cover based on your personality and liking. Read more here.

6. Flower Car Seat Covers

Flower Car Seat Covers

All you need is a cheap seat cover, thread, fabric, elastic, and a sewing machine to create this beautiful flower patterned car seat cover. Experiment with the choice of fabric to suit the car seat as per your liking.

7. Colorful in LED Lights for Car Interior

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas3

Make your car’s interior look and feel unique by personalizing it with led strip lights. This makes your car stand out from the rest of the crowd.

8. Aftermarket Car Audio

Aftermarket Car Audio

Fail to determine which aftermarket car audio system is best for you and your car, don’t fret, check out this article to learn more.

9. DIY Skeleton Gear Shift Knob

DIY Skeleton Gear Shift Knob

Having no decor idea for your car’s plain old gear shift knob? No worries, try this instructable to make an eerie skeleton gear shift knob.

10. DIY Car Hood Ornaments

DIY Car Interior Decoration Ideas4

To make your car hood look astonishing, you will need a dragon figurine, extra-strong magnets, waterproof permanent glue, and silver paint. Check out this DIY.

11. Interior Dome Light

Not satisfied with your car’s interior dome light, then replace it with led lights. Watch the video to learn how to upgrade your vehicle’s interior dome lights.

12. Wood Trunk Floor

Use wood liner to make your own car wooden trunk floor in just a matter of minutes with some patience and crafting skills! Watch the video to learn the steps.

13. DIY Flip Flop Hinges

Upgrade your usual car trunk to a modern and stylish trunk by using flip-flop hinges. Go through the video for a detailed DIY.

14. Car Full Floor Pvc Mat

This PVC mat not only makes your car look classy but also compliments the overall interior decor. With PVC installed, you will no longer have to worry about your car seats getting stained.

15. Pants Saver Universal Cargo Trunk Mat

Keep your vehicle carpet clean and prevent stored items from shifting in your trunk space with this pants saver universal cargo trunk mat.

16. Interior Vinyl Wrap In Light Blue Chrome

Turn your car interior panels into light blue chrome using the vinyl wrap film. This DIY requires precision and patience, but the results are quite satisfactory.

17. DIY Miata Ducktail Spoiler

If you wish to upgrade the look of your regular car to a more sporty and fun looking vehicle, you can take tips and tricks from the video above to plan the upgrade.

We hope you liked these DIY car interior decoration ideas and would give some of these a try and tell us your experiences in the comments!

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