DIY Easter Egg Cup Succulents

This Easter show your love towards succulents and plants by completing this DIY Easter Egg Cup Succulents project!

Happy Spring my friends! I decided to do a fun little DIY to kick start this new season and Easter, which is just weeks away! I took a classic Easter piece and put a little modern twist on it: Easter Egg Cup Succulents! Because who doesn’t like a touch of gold?!

DIY Easter Egg Cup Succulents

What you will need

  • Easter Egg Cups
  • Succulents
  • Liquid Gold Leaf
  • Paintbrush
  • Tape

What has to do

  1. Gather your supplies together in one place, in order to avoid last-minute haste.
  2. Tape off your Easter egg cups.
  3. Carefully paint in the designated areas you want gold (careful, this stuff is SUPER thin compared to your usual craft paint).
  4. Let dry and carefully peel back the tape.
  5. Remove your succulents from their planters and carefully put them into their modern egg cups!
  6. Display and enjoy – all year round if you so desire!

This was such an easy DIY and SO much fun to do! It is looking so great with the painting, it’s matching with the frame of the painting. It seems like a match made in heaven. You can also try this out with any painting or else you can keep this on your window and there are many ways to use its beauty and enhance the beautifulness of your home with these simple and amazing hacks.

I am loving this liquid gold leaf and I can’t wait to do another project with this stuff. It dries pretty quick too, which is a bonus! I love the look of the simple touch of gold with these pretty succulents. They are perfect on our living room shelf.

What do you think of this color combination and of making a classic Easter piece and adding a modern touch to your home?

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