DIY Fall Simmer Pots | Fall Simmer Pot Ideas

To feel the warmth and happiness of the fall season, fill your home with the amazing aroma of these DIY fall simmer pots!

Better known as stovetop potpourri, a simmering pot is an all-natural air freshener in which all kinds of herbs, essential oils, fruits (especially citrusy), and spices are added. As simmer pots are an excellent way to introduce fall vibes and soothing aroma in the living space, so why not make your own instead of purchasing one from the supermarket using the below DIY fall simmer pots.

DIY Fall Simmer Pots

1. Quick Fall Simmer Pot

DIY Fall Simmer Pots1

If you want an easy and quick-to-prepare fall simmer pot¬†to make your dwelling smell cozy in minutes, you’re in the right place! Not to mention, you can also use this recipe for holiday gifts and party favors as well.

2. DIY Fall Ginger and Orange Simmer Pot

DIY Fall Simmer Pots2

Infused with the goodness of ginger and orange, this simmering pot is an ideal way to make your fall inviting and memorable. Read more here.

3. Homemade Simmering Spices Pot

Homemade Simmering Spices Pot

Gather apple, cinnamon sticks, ginger, cardamom, star anise, and navel oranges to make this delightful simmering spices pot.

4. Vanilla Orange Simmer Spices

Vanilla Orange Simmer Spices

This fall, fill your place with the citrusy and alluring smell of vanilla and orange simmer spices pot. Click on this link for more info.

5. Lavender & Lemon Simmering Stovetop Potpourri

DIY Fall Simmer Pots3

Here’s a detailed article on how to DIY a sweet-smelling lavender and lemon simmer pot to flood your home with its fantastic scent all season long.

6. DIY Colorful Cranberry Simmer Pot

DIY Colorful Cranberry Simmer Pot

Embrace the fall season by DIYing this colorful cranberry simmer pot to induce festive vibes all around your living space. The details are here.

7. Lime Rosemary Stovetop Potpourri

Lime Rosemary Stovetop Potpourri

An excellent alternative to scented candles, this simmering pot¬†featuring lime and rosemary sprigs smell wonderful and delicious. It’s one of the best DIY fall simmer pots on this list.

8. DIY Pumpkin Spice Simmer Pot

DIY Fall Simmer Pots4

Bring the delectable fragrance of fall indoors with this DIY pumpkin spice simmer pot that is enough to bring the much-needed festive spirit.

9. All-In-One Fall Simmer Pot

All-In-One Fall Simmer Pot

Loaded with heavily scented spices, fruits, and herbs, this easy-to-make stovetop potpourri is an ideal candidate for this fall. Read more here.

10. DIY Fall Simmer Potpourri

DIY Fall Simmer Potpourri

All you need are some crabapples, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, water, and a pot to DIY this spicy and crisp-scented fall stovetop potpourri.

11. Clementine and Almond Fall Simmer Pot

DIY Fall Simmer Pots5

This fall, ditch the traditional, chemical-laden scented candles and opt for this earthy and invigorating simmer pot recipe that greets everyone who enters the house.

12. Stove Top Potpourri With Pears

Stove Top Potpourri With Pears

Make your own aromatic and refreshing fall scent to set the mood for the festive season with this DIY pear-simmering pot.

13. Orange Juniper Rosemary Simmer Pot

Orange Juniper Rosemary Simmer Pot

Smells woodsy, fruity, and earthy, this DIY simmer pot will be loved by everyone. Plus, it’s an excellent gift for fall-obsessed people.

14. Harvest Spice Simmer Pot

DIY Fall Simmer Pots6

Check out this blog to DIY a soothing and cozy harvest spice simmer pot, an excellent potpourri for a gloomy fall day.

15. Best Fall Simmer Pot DIY

Best Fall Simmer Pot DIY

Nothing screams fall more than this stovetop potpourri. It provokes festive cheer in no time, thanks to this pot’s essential oil, spices, and fruits contents.

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