With Christmas just around the corner doing a lot of DIY Christmas projects makes sense. Your budget might be a little tight, but don’t let it keep you from updating your decor or changing things up a little this year. Today, we share one of those project with you. And yes, it’s another super simple and cheap DIY: Felt Dala Horse Ornaments and Gift Tags! Yay!


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Metal Ornament Hooks


Begin by tracing out your Dala horse by hand or using an existing item, like an ornament. You can enlarge the Dala horses a bit but still use the ornament as a guide. Carefully cut out your Dala horses.

Simply poke the metal ornament hooks through the felt and hang to enjoy. For your gift tags, simply tape the hook to the wrapping paper. Easy!

Dala horses are not only trending, but they are significant to many people. Especially if you have Swedish roots and collected Dala horses over the years.

It’s fun to see how popular they’ve become over the years! Did you find this project interesting? Do let us know in the comments.