DIY Modern Wood Candelabra

This DIY wood candelabra is a perfect centerpiece for both home and office setup. It’s easy to make and modern and simple at the same time.

Ok, so this DIY should be described as simple and modern. Because it really will be the easiest thing you’ve tried in a long time. Not to mention, a lovely centerpiece for your dining table this fall!

Required Materials

  • 2x4x6 Treated wood drilled rail 
  • Chandelier candles
  • Flowers and greenery

Note: Please use common sense when working with candles. If your table is shorter or you don’t feel comfortable, it’s advisable to buy a 2×4 and lay on the widest part. From there, you can drill your own holes accordingly. It will look just as nice!


1. Measure how long your dining table is and cut your 2×4 accordingly. If it happens to be the perfect length, which most standard dining tables are, even better! The longer the centerpiece, the more stable it is.

2. Twist your candles into the pre-drilled holes.

3. Disperse your greenery and flowers on either side of your centerpiece.

4. Enjoy!!

We love the Scandinavian vibe from the wood and neutral colored greenery. It’s the perfect look for fall if you are into historic era! You can also experiment with it according to your taste.

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