9 DIY Monstera Plant Stand Ideas

Want to make your foliar specimen more attractive and lively? Check out these best DIY Monstera Plant Stand Ideas!

If you’re searching for different ways to highlight your favorite monstera indoors, these DIY plant stand ideas are just what you need. They are affordable, easy to build, and perfect for every indoor setting.

DIY Monstera Plant Stand Ideas

1. DIY Mid-Century Plant Stand

DIY Monstera Plant Stand 1

If you’re looking for a mid-century monstera plant stand that complements the rest of the home decor, this idea is for you. It’s an easy project that anyone can complete with beginner-level woodworking skills.

2. Mid-Century Monstera Plant Stand with Curved Arch Legs

DIY Monstera Plant Stand 2

To build this mid-century plant stand, you will need 50 x 14 cm timber, a jigsaw, a chisel, a handsaw, sandpaper, and wood dye. The curved legs make this plant stand out in this list.

3. Monstera Plant Stand with Copper Hairpin Legs

DIY Monstera Plant Stand 3

Flaunt the foliar beauty of your lovely monstera variety on this chic copper-hued hairpin plant stand. It’s easy to assemble with a can of spray paint, an old metal stand, rope, and this tutorial.

4. DIY Modern Monstera Plant Stand

Creative Plant Stand

Elevate the look of your favorite potted monstera variety with this modern wooden plant stand. It’s a super simple project that requires a few general tools and woodworking skills.

5. Simple DIY Copper Pipes Plant Stand

Creative Plant Stand

Made from copper pipes, this monstera stand is a must-have for those gardeners who want a rustic industrial vibe with greenery in their living space. Get the complete instructions and list of supplies in this article.

6. DIY Planter Stand from Pallet Wood

Creative Plant Stand

Watch this video tutorial to build a planter stand out of pallet wood and screws or nails. It can easily hold a big potted monstera and keeps cats/dogs from accidentally eating this toxic plant, too.

7. X-Leg Stool as Monstera Plant Stand

X-Leg Stool as Monstera Plant Stand

If you have an x-legged stool or any old one lying around, you can use it as a stand to showcase your potted monstera variety. Isn’t it a great thrifty idea?

8. Books Turned Monstera Plant Stand

Books Turned Monstera Plant Stand

If DIYing wooden or copper plant stands is not your cup of tea, use a stack of books or magazines as a monstera plant stand. Anyone can easily try their hands on this idea.

9. DIY Plant Stand Using Scrap Wood

Plant Stand Using Scrap Wood

Learn how to make a custom plant stand out of scrap wood and some hairpin legs in this tutorial. The best part is that it has an empty compartment in the middle in which you can display tiny animal figures.

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